Tiyung Dayak – “The Sour Dayak Apple” in Bidayuh Politics

For the Greater Glory of Bidayuh Politics

The “Resurrection”…

Kempen “Bara Perubahan Politik” 2011 – 2016!

Together we’ll keep our fighting spirit alive and kicking!

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Further losses reported…

People tend to be blurry when it comes to money matter!

Vote buying is the hot commodity of the day – I mean – before and during the election that was held last Saturday (April 16, 2011)!

In Belaga, the votes were reportedly swayed to the Balat Nipu faction after its candidate granted the so-called “land grants” to the voters at the “eleventh hour”… It’s pathetic, though!

In Selangau, there’s a video showing a village headman who admittedly received a total of RM5K via two cheques; while another cheque amounting to RM5K wasn’t valid (yet)! We aren’t sure whether he would get the balance amount after “the exposé” was made known – internationally! Read this for details.

Lessons to be learnt?!

>>> Human identity and dignity are so cheap; i.e. ranging from RM10 to RM10K!

For a period within 5 years?! What the heck!

Cheap souls for sale? Not worth it!

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“The Asset”…

Getting bored with the hoo-haa news?

Aki Jus isn’t ready yet to step down as he’s still being loved by his supporters (just like the other two senile guys!), though we know that two factions exist within the party! And that would be good news for all!


We are lucky enough as we got alternative and yet interactive, social media like Facebook and weblogs! In late 1990s, we had websites and forums; and now we have weblogs, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook (which is far more popular than other social networking sites).

Well, we have enough lessons to be learnt actually, with the advancement of internetworking revolution – the free flow of real time information.

And that’s the asset – (in) keeping people well informed on anything surrounding them!

Take for example:

Lim Kit Siang (LKS)’s weblog is worth reading (in order) to get the latest updates on Malaysian politics (apart from Sarawak Report, Suara Sarawak and other weblogs).

So; allow me (please!) to link you to LKS’ weblog with special reference to Sarawak politics.

Happy reading to all!


And also; learn on how to master the art >>> here!

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The market place…

Yeah, right! “We lost the fight but not the war” – a very common phrase in describing the recent (election) defeat!

Of course, the defeat was already anticipated; just like what had happened to the SNAP President and his brood (and it’s pitiful, though)…

Such defeat can be summarized below:

  1. some people still love that senile, ailing thief minister and current gomen to rule Sarawak – for the next 10 years (?!) or so;
  2. these sort of people (the voters) are damn rich and can afford the high COLA;
  3. winning and losing is the norm of the game, i.e. while that senile and ailing guy and his cronies are getting their accounts fatter (day by day) and enjoying the rich that life can offer, the common folks have to suck their thumbs and have to fork out their hard earned living to survive!

It’s pretty obvious that such defeat was also been contributed by the following factors:

  1. election fraud – no one can deny nor contest against it!;
  2. money corruption – each corrupt voter was bribed with as low as RM10.00 per vote;
  3. other malpractices.

My colleagues and I does have reasons to be overjoyed – over few cans of beer!

  1. the DAP has done well in capturing 80% of the contested seats, while PKR is only able in capturing 6% of the contested seats! Read this; including this for comparison.
  2. Aki Jus has announced his retirement from active politics; how about Nyarok?!
  3. one of my colleagues smiled from ear to ear as the DAP has finally captured “SUPP’s fortress”! His kampong is now surrounded with oil palms – thanks to BN-SUPP’s greed!

Anyway, let’s not lose hope, folks! Imagine that we are just getting involved in the commodity stock market and the market is bouncing back… Just hold the shares tight and try not to sell it!

So, let’s focusing on “rebuilding” ourselves by remaining strong and healthy – all the time…


It’s mission possible, folks!

DO NOT lose hope; let’s STRIVE harder!

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The 415 entry…

I’m home and ready to exercise my rights and duty tomorrow! I also bought a piece of STABILO eraser – to be sliced into thinly pieces and shared among my buddies tonight. And these thinly pieces will then be recycled by giving it away to other voters tomorrow!

Well, I didn’t have a chance to attend any political rally in town; but then, the poster war among the warring factions is quite intense! Among the catchy phrases: “416*: Bye Bye Taib” and “Vote SUPP = Vote Taib”… Phew!

Guess what!? On the way back home this afternoon, I saw few contract workers were busying themselves putting up a SNAP banner! Kinda of “It’s now or never”, lah… Was it due to its low budget allocation?!

In the remote area, the campaign wasn’t really happening due to the presence of watchdogs! However, the warring factions do have its own way to entice potential voters into their camp! Yeah; vote buying is obvious and no one could argue on that!

I would say that the elders are very hard to accept change; meaning that “No money, no vote (for you)!” We – as the aware voters – should ask ourselves: Is money really matters to make up one’s mind?

And that’s political corruption!

The Balat Nipu faction have to sponsor food and beverages; including promises and millions of Ringgit worth of projects to entice its potential voters. They did so as they knew (and still assume) that there are potential voters out there who are easily to be bought. Besides, gomen servants are also in dilemma; voting the opposition in means loss of income, promotion, allowances and other privy! Well, we can describe this situation (involving both Balat Nipu and potential voters) as “selling their souls to the devillah!

Anyway, I’m not sure whether the opposition did the same. What I knew of is that whether it’s rain or sunshine, day time or night time, thousands of people attended its political gatherings – based on free will! Are these potential voters waiting for their political savior? It could be; but then, some of them could also be the Balat Nipu spies…

The younger, educated generation – unlike their elders – are not prone to money politics! They do aware about their rights (including hardship); they are prone to change and ascribed to power-based politics!

Should the Balat Nipu faction win this election tomorrow (night), I could assume that its win is due to election fraud (e.g. switching of original ballot boxes with the “crafted” ones)! And it’s up to the defeated faction to ask for vote recount – which is a must!

Well, I’m trying my best to canvass support from my buddies and other youngsters to cast their votes for opposition – till the eleventh hour – God willing! Whether it’s a win or lose game, that would be hard to tell…

So, happy voting, folks! Do bring your own, thinly sliced eraser and share it with other voters tomorrow! Who knows, the (eraser) sharing could be a blessing in disguise – where our state wealth could be shared equally by all ethnic groups found in Sarawak – in the near future!


* “416” means “April 16 (2011)”…

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The endorsement of “scientific approach”…

We have been taught in school(s) to apply scientific approach in any problem solving. By applying it bit by bit, we would and could – hopefully – gain progressive and relevant results!


Take for example:

To rear “ikan Jabu” in a concrete pond, we do need the “technical know how” on project costing and management; water pH, water level, water hygiene, fish population control, type of fish feed, etc. etc. lah! And the thing also goes the same with rearing “anak manuk Nyarok”…




And the point is? Yeah; it’s all about application of scientific approachobserve, identify and record; so that we would and could get progressive and relevant results! Do watch this video – to augment our knowledge in applying the prescribed scientific approach…


Why don’t we start (applying it) this coming Saturday, folks?


YES, WE (also) CAN, Obama!




The “endorsement” of scientific approach...


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Just for you, Éffa*…


The lovely Éffa…



The masculine (or feminine) Éffa… whatever, lah!



My friends and I would like to dedicate the above photos to the wannabefroggies”; with a message:


Good luck in your new venture and thanks for the sweet talks!


Love and sealed with kisses,

Tiyung Dayak & friends



* Éffa Roji = F.R.O.G.

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The “surreal” motive…

As part of its psychological warfare strategies to win the minds of eligible voters, the former gomen has announced that it’ll build a railway (read these) along SCORE, i.e. connecting Similajau down to Tanjong Manis – at a “sama laju” pace?! We doubt it


Anyway; did you smell something “fishy” about the proposed project?!


Yeah, right! It means more land grabbing for oil palms, coal and (silica) sand (including transportation (aluminium products included) to the port(s)) – just for the benefits of the few…




And we don’t think that it would be profitable to build a railway just to transport people (and (sundry?) goods) to and fro along SCORE!



Click here for other references on the proposed railway project.



Would the proposed railway project become “beneficial” for ordinary Sarawakians?!

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To preserve OR not to preserve?!

What a joke!


I sent forwarded emails to my contacts regarding this hottest, unending issue. Yeah; Abraham (and his allies) made it again!


BRAVO to them! (for that unending issue; meaning that the probability to the new DUN Complex is BIG, lah!)…


Anyway, one of my contacts gave me the following reply:


Dear Sir Tiyung Dayak,


Isu ini memang sudah diperbodohkan oleh kartun-kartun dalam kerajaan yang mempunyai pemikiran cetek!

UMNO menyokong PERKASA;

PERKASA terserong dari hala tuju yang diwawarkan oleh UMNO;

Apa itu 1Malaysia?;

Apa itu Bahasa Kebangsaan?;

Apa itu Bahasa Malaysia di sekolah?;

Mereka mengajar, saya belajar daripada mereka;

Akan tetapi, kalaulah si kartun di PERKASA itu bercakap serius, maka biarlah kita gantikan buku teks ke dalam Bahasa Kebangsaan kita; kita gantikan dengan Bahasa Iban, Bahasa Cina, Bahasa Melayu;

Gantikan 1Malaysia dengan 1Iban, 1Cina, 1Melayu;

Gantikan “PERKASA” menjadi “PEKASAM”!



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Who’s that (pretty) lady?!



Nay!; this has nothing to do with Mr. Wee Lee Yam nor Aki Jus’s pretty concubine(s) nor the thief minister’s Mdm. Rugged!


Yeah; most of you have heard her name before and even read about her story!


Her name’s Susanna.


Wikipedia reference on her can be found here – taken from “The Story of Susanna” of Daniel, Chapter 13!


Her story revolves around wild accusations (or allegations) and judgment


So, can you grasp “the moral of the story” and compare it with the current hoo-haa(s)?!


Yeah, right; it will be finally revealed – believe it to happen someday!

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