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The “Undisputed” Hegemony’s New Order that Slowly Creeps into Our Community…

Editor’s note (April 13, 2008):

Read this protest note by a Sabahan in Malaysia Today on the menace of Malay Hegemony dated April 13, 2008. 


The latest craze among the Bidayuhs is that a new, “Malaynized” Bidayuh resettlement known by its infamous name – “Kampong Tun Razak” – is now becoming a reality and to be nestled among the Bidayuh villages in Padawan area. It is believed that the blue print is already made available under the purview of handful (and yet unreliable) Bidayuh elites. These Bidayuh elites are HELPLESS and COULD DO NOTHING more for their own people, rather than to follow and obey orders given by their powerful political masters.

Well, there’s no need for me to explain in details on how the new resettlement became a reality, as I assume that most of my readers already knew about it. So to speak, the new settlement was launched on March 4, 2008. The next morning, the news about it then creates a kind of “Tsunami uproar” among the Bidayuhs all over Malaysia! Ya lah, satu Malaysia gago, apa! The SMSes were flooded/crisscrossing Malaysia cyberspace with different versions of the story, but then, it does focused on ONE reality – that the “undisputed” hegemony’s new order is now invades further into the Bidayuh highland! Majority of the Bidayuhs have voiced their dissatisfaction over the issue and one Blogotician have put his “sorrow” into a kind of lamentation song that goes like this, “(S)udah luka, disembur(simbah) cuka… (Wounded, and yet poured with formic/acetic acid/vinegar…)” (Well, I am not sure lah, which one he “likes” most!).

So, what are the benefits that our affected folks will get from such debolotment and “have to” stay in the new resettlement area? To me, there’s NOTHING, as more social problems will arise in a few years to come. Tak caya, tunggu dan lihat! We have seen lots of examples happened all over Sarawak. However, if you are not satisfied with my answer, just wait for Rintos Mail, Jacob Achoi and/or (BORNEO?) POST READER to find it out in the future or you too can do your own, “unofficial” social survey based on the affected community. Just go and visit them next time whether they are doing fine with their newly found livelihood.

Another silly question to ponder is: Will the next, new resettlement area be named with “Kampong Toon So and So” (as already been discussed earlier by fellow Blogoticians), following the undisputed hegemony’s new order?! And what will be the major economic activity? Mao tanam getah (lagi kah)? Let say lah, if other Bidayuhs are forced to move from their ancestral villages due to acquisition of “pristine” limestone mountains! Thus, we should be more vigilant against such new debolotment!

Another example to look at, what are the benefits gained by the Bidayuhs with the establishment of Borneo Highland Resort? Of course, the benefits are in the form of basic infrastructure, but then, there’s no need for me to elaborate on that lah. Oh, by the way, thanks for it, anyway! But, when you look around you, who are the fore runners of the resort? Do we see any Bidayuh that hold high (managerial) position(s)? Anybody? NO? Why? Lack of education awareness, kah? It could be, otherwise, we won’t see our fellow Bidayuhs work as gardeners or any other low paying jobs at the resort. The same situation could happen again in few years to come once the nearby water resort is fully operational. And who will gain from such project? No doubt, it would be a few Bidayuh elites (again)! For sure we – the Bidayuhs – would be a laughing stock to the Bidayuh elites, including other Malaysians and foreigners, as we are the coolies (and not the masters) in our own land.

And how can we make our pandat (the Bidayuh sword) match with the keris in the near future? Only through aggressive education campaign, I think, starting with our own family members. If you ask me on why I don’t contribute through DBNA Educational Wing (of hope?) kah and so on, well, I live and work in Dallas lah, so it’s hard for me to lend my help. I can only give sort of online brainwashing. So, let’s brainwash our young ones to take up their education seriously, so that we would have more future Bidayuh professionals who can survive in this cruel world led by the “undisputed hegemony” in Malaysia. And not just a few of us – the lucky ones – who have made it “to the top” – the hard way! I’m sure that there are other fellow Bidayuhs out there who are willing to contribute their ideas on this and that, so I do encourage them to create their own blogs lah.

As a concluding remark, we must remember that we shouldn’t act like Judas Iscariot who sold his Master (including Judas’ own soul) for only 30 pieces of silver. Do you get what I mean? No? Well, the message is simple. Whoever has the power in the authority, please do not behave like a traitor who betrayed the trust of his/her fellow country men and women, especially whenever you are tempted with sort of “Ringgit and Sense” gifts. God is watching over us. His wrath – especially the hell fire – is more painful than burn on the skin caused by minyak goreng panas (hot & brewing, cooking oil).

Finally, remember to “give Non BN Big Guys another chance by voting them to power during this 12th. General Election and send those goons home to where they once belong!!!”

See ya around!


Just to inform my readers that I have got the idea to compose this article (on March 5, 2008), as I feel that the Bidayuhs have their sole rights and should fight and protect their identity, dignity, and culture; demand for MORE equality, etc. PREJUDICE IS PAINFUL AND SINFUL – that’s what I have experienced before – the hard way! Anyway, most of the inputs used to compose this article were obtained from online discussion held at our public forum (including “teleinterviews”) and further refined to create the output that you are reading just now. My thanks and gratitude to all of you out there lah


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  1. Good job bro. Let us get out of this centuries of slavery.

    Comment by TBS | March 6, 2008 | Reply

  2. When I first started blogging last November, I yearned for friendly fellow Dayak bloggers to whom I hope to share my woes. Til now my blog is not plugged, thus denying me the opportunity to make RM out of blogging.
    I always envy professional footballers, singers, shuttlers for being able to make a living out of doing something that they like. I was glad last May 2007 when I discovered that we can also make a living out of writing, yet need not necessarily have to be authors or journalists, but out of the joy of writing.
    Thus a blogger I became.
    Lets get together for a more rewarding interest in casual writing, after the election.
    Vote Non-BN, to deny BN 2/3 majority.

    Comment by swisserikin | March 6, 2008 | Reply

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