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“Money Talk” by Brader Ah Long Mao…

Money can talk meh…?!

The caption reads: How to convert the 88 cents into “valuable paper (bundles)” in the next 20-year span…?

Ooops! Brader Ah Long Mao from Wang Mari 555 $ervice$ Enterprise is still doing an “intensive” research on finance banking, lah… You know – library search, teleinterviews and all that… it’s quite cumbersome, though! This is a promo advertisement only, what?! Heh!

Anyway, Brader Ah Long Mao really wants to help the young Bidayuhs* (yes, the young ones!) to get involve in this discreet financial business. It’s free of charge**, anyway! as this Brader Ah Long Mao really stay true to his slogan “Ini Ah Long Mao tolong maah…

And now YOU DO BELIEVE that money can talk-talk one, ah… Heh!

So, watch out for the next article to be appeared in this blog!


* Forget about the Bidayuh old folks @ home, lah!

** If they (the Bidayuh old folks) want to lend the money from Wang Mari 555 $ervice$ Enterprise, then they should pay an extra 20% – 35% for administration, etc. charges… L.O.L!!!


March 16, 2008 - Posted by | 04 Money Talk


  1. I will watch out for more post

    Comment by swisserikin | March 17, 2008 | Reply

  2. This better be not one of those get rich quick schemes.

    Comment by John Aldrich Nokeng | March 18, 2008 | Reply

  3. The disclaimer given by Brader Ah Long Mao stated that he won’t be held responsible for any misuse of the information given in the article(s)… He’s now still struggling to write another article. Thus, it is advisable that such information should be used in a discreet manner lah.

    I’m wondering, how and where Brader Ah Long Mao got that so much money!!! Is Wang Mari 555 $ervice$ Enterprise a legal business?! Heh…

    Comment by tiyungdayak | March 18, 2008 | Reply

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