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Public Announcement…

Thanks to CLUSTRMAPSTM for enabling me to locate the origins of my readers! With this opportunity, I would like to meet online a long lost friend of mine, who currently residing in the US! This Bidayuh guy goes by the name “Philip Anak Kosri“, who has left Sarawak for ± 20 years… 

His last known location was/is in Connecticut, USA. To Mr. Philip Anak Kosri, if you happen to read this blog, kindly post your “Hi There!” comment to me, lah… The entry code (password) is simple, though… Yes, correct, you have to write in Bidayuh Biatah dialect! L.O.L.!!!

Good day…


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The Malaysian King of Bloggers has spoken!

The much awaited interview program – Blog – was finally kicked off around 8.37 pm on Sunday, April 27, 2008 over RTM 1. The invited, special guest is no other than Raja Petra Kamarudin (affectionately known as “RPK”, “Pete”, and “Raja”) – the outspoken Malaysian King of Bloggers. Yes, thanks to RTM for inviting him for the interview, as most Malaysians – wherever they might be – are eager to see him in real life…

Thank you so much, Pete, sir! You have made our voice known to those who currently grip power in Malaysia – even though the interviewer always stalked on you and kept on changing topics! Well, let’s anticipate that the current Mr. Information Minister – under the influence from the high authority – certainly would not reinvite you for future interview program. Heck, Mr. Information Minister has told us the other day that he wants to meet bloggers, so why he was not invited for the show too? For sure, he too would be screwed by you and might be speechless! Never mind, lah, as long as MALAYSIA TODAY is still alive and kicking! Yes, correct, MALAYSIA TODAY will always be the most powerful cyber media in carrying out check and balance on weak system of governance, fight for injustice, etc.

Yes, correct, that short interview was indeed an eye opener and certainly it is good enough to rock the overloaded boat full of bad apples in current Malaysia government!

Keep up the good work, Pete, sir!

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My boss (our field manager) came to see me that day. “Jack, I would like you to join us,” he said. 

“What?!” I asked him back, intentionally surprised. 

Then he told me the whole story. 

Ooo… itu macam…,” I replied. “Well, I don’t mind lah, since I’m a frequent angkatchawan,” I said, referring to my frequent air travel from Points A to B and vice-versa. 

Well, the term “angkatchawan” was coined by one of the unknown Britongers (the Bidayuh bloggers) last time. It is an adulterated Malay word “angkasawan” for “astronaut/cosmonaut/aeronaut/taikonaut” that loosely described the “paid Malaysian space tourist“, lah…Yes, Malaysian taxpayers (including myself) are pissed off as billions of Malaysian Ringgit has been mismanaged and flushed into MD’s toilet for this “space tourism program” in the last few years, which has enabled the sole Malaysian space tourist to enjoy his space joyride and performed some secondary school-level experiments last October 2007… Even the scandalous, ex-Minister of MoSTI (Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation) also reaped the tangible benefits from the rakiyat’s money. He too is rumored to have flushed some of the money through active clubbing, and one of the classy examples is when it occurred recently at one of exclusive, 5-star hotel toilets – where he is alleged of molesting a woman there! What a waste of rakiyat’s money! If I have to follow my instinct, these guys’ buttocks should be blowpiped with poisonous darts and dot, dot, dot! No, not C4, lah… Where got one?! Arghhh, brilliantly not said, lah!

Anyway, we’ll leave this crap to the historian(s) to depict this event in future Malaysia’s chronological history of space technology achievement. Yes, correct, for your information, our beloved Malaysia is now another step forward in space technology achievement, as SAPURA (a Malaysian conglomerate) is now begin to produce UAVs (Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles, also known as “eye(s) in the sky“) for export market… 

Now, let’s go back to my story again. Earlier, we had an informal discussion at my boss’ office, where we have planned a route for our aerial border patrol. I gave my opinion to him based on one husband and five wives, lah. Well, my boss seems satisfied with the discussed plan. 

“As the available seats for passengers are limited to only four persons, I’ll decide later whether you are in the reserve or not,” he said, referring to the number of passengers’ seats available inside the helicopter. I just grinned at him. 

“Wow, he sounds like the infamous prime minister who directly has the prerogative decision,” I sighed to myself. Well, the date to carry out aerial reconnaissance survey is still pending and I’m not so sure whether I’ll get that golden opportunity in a lifetime, lah… 

Of course, the infamous quote such as “It’s PM’s prerogative!” could be heard countless of times prior to nomination day during the (general) election, where the PM will endorse his final say whether the proposed GLCs (Gomen Linked Candidates) are truly eligible or not to be the people’s servants. Most of the candidates are hoping to be nominated and get elected, and some of them even have done pre-calculation on remuneration packages – at least to be elected as deputy ministers or parliamentary secretaries – IF AND ONLY IF they win the election (see this!). Yes, correct, there is bountiful harvest in the field to be reaped, but only few workers will be selected. As we all know and see from the past to the present, almost none of the elected representatives can match with the so-called “specified criterion“, that is “eligibility” in a true sense! Yes, some of them have professional qualifications but in fact, they are smart asses cum manipulators!

To the illiterate Bidayuh folks, these guys are depicted as saviors (well, they are not heroes either!), to whom they can rely on for help and be the role models for the young ones. However, it is sad to note that only a few of them have humanity consciousness. And it is known that some of them are not really sincere in serving and rendering their service to their own people. And some of them have their own, personal vested interests too… 

Well, that’s the analogy of angkatchawan in relation to the non-economical space tourism program that finally performed only common experiment in space… Yes, not forgetting to mention baju batek so Sibu (?!), mŭh dog ke’ut beda babu (a batik shirt from Sibu (?!), bitten by the rats – it’s a famous Bidayuh song lyric, occasionally played at 101.3 FM!). Yes, that space cowboy wore a reddish batik shirt in space while dancing poco-poco dance with his experimental kit around, lah… By the way, see the following “equations“, as it does hold similarities: 

Equation 1: Angkatchawan = the glamorous space tourism program that wasted billions of Malaysian Ringgit = performance of common, secondary school-level experiment (only)!

Equation 2: Elected representatives = non-performed representatives; indulged in active money making (?!), clubbing (?!), immoral activities (?!); etc. = neglected and under developed constituencies! 

Well, my readers out there do realize that these equations have made many Malaysians (especially the Bidayuhs) really pissed off with their non-performed elected representatives! Are we over zealous? Well, yes, of course… Are we jealous of those goons? No, it’s out of question! We will survive, though… 

So, from now on, let’s kick the (empty) can (out) and keep the change – to move fast forward!

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It’s RIOTOUS (hilarious) when a Bidayuh pot calling a Bidayuh kettle “black”…

I’m quite fascinated with the following passage found on page 155 of Chapter 6.10: Five Betray PBDS (The Broken Shield: The birth of Dayakism by Mr. Joseph Tawie). The excerpt reads: 

Richard Riot, the defeated PBDS candidate for Tarat, condemned Michael Ben for crossing over to the BN3. “At first I was lost for words. I just could not believe Michael Ben, the very person who was instrumental in nominating me to be a PBDS candidate in the last election and who took me out from my stable government post of assistant manager of the State Sports Stadium, would have changed his principle and his conscience at the snap of a finger. I am greatly disappointed and upset at his move.

Wow! What an “impressive” statement by Datuk Richard Riot Jaem! Based on previous information, I came to know that Mr. Riot (allow me to address him as “Mister Riot” – easy, what!? It’s American style, anyway!) was an independent candidate before he crossed over to SUPP (Sarawak United People’s Party). And from this latter information, now we know that he joined politics through PBDS (Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak) before he chose to defect to SUPP. See, he (yes, Mr. Riot) helped in destroying Dayakism! And a week or so after the 12th General Election, he went into hiding (read: window shopping) in Singapore!

Well, he told Mr. Jacob Achoi of Borneo Post on April 16, 2008 (?) that he went to Australia for a vacation, as he is “well deserved” for the much-needed rest, lah! All of us knew from the Borneo Post and other gomen-controlled media that he went to Singapore! There, he lied again! Such an old trick! Let say, you knew that I went to Serikin looking for kasah or bidai (a rattan mat), but then, I “bluffed” TBS Bidayuh of TBS Bidayuh Post that I went to Seattle looking for Persian carpet… Or I went to Dalat looking for tebaloi (a kind of snack made from sago starch), but then, I “bluffed” Toon Ransack of DayakSpeaks Weblog that I went to Dallas looking for a cowboy hat… Holy crap!

Anyway, Mr. Riot will always be remembered and his name will always be recalled then, as he is rumored as the only known BN Member of Parliament (MP) from Sarawak who is going to defect to opposition (to avenge his frustration) by joining PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat). Well, that rumor remains a mystery (to this day!), as he finally caught red-handed (read: bought over) – handshaking with Conan Da Barisan and gave a BIG smile to the reporter(s)… No wonder, Mr. Riot is also known as (a.k.a.) Mr. Big O’ Smile (or B.O.S., tak jadi meriot… L.O.L.!!!) To recall our memory, let’s read this, this and this! And yes, correct, as this one also got!

I’m not sure whether the Serian voters would still like to have Mr. Riot as their beloved MP in the next, 13th General Election – after that comical farce (or sandiwara lucu)… Perhaps my fellow blogoticians – Swisserikin, TBS Bidayuh, Malaysia Digest, Taki Kasung and others could help by intensifying their campaigns to oust such traitor, including other so-called Bidayuh traitors – at both state and federal elections!

Yes, that’s “politics of (personal) development”, as (Datuk Dr.) JJ Masing once said – way back in 1987, when he commented on defectors and incidence of money politics.

Yawnnn… Time’s up!

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Where has the spirit of Dayakism gone?

Dayakism is ALIVE!

Courtesy of TBS Bidayuh

For the last few days (including months before), we have been fed by the local dailies about the disputes here and there by the splintered, two major factions in the PRS (Parti Rakyat Sarawak), where both factions claimed to represent the Dayaks’ interests. 

Recently, Dr. James Jemut Masing has been declared by the ROS (Registrar of Societies) as the “recognized” leader of PRS. The announcement, while it was led to a jubilant celebration by Masing’s camp, creates uproar from (Larry) Sng’s camp. 

Why the uproar? It is obvious that those who created “havoc” do have their own personal agenda. Theirs, so as to say, have nothing to do with Dayakism in fighting for equality, justice, Native Customary Rights (NCRs), Native Customary Lands (NCLs), etc. Their fight is more on “securing and fattening themselves“. Yes, these “desperadoes” only live their dogs’ life – barking whenever their food supply is diminishing… In the end, they will only get the Boney-M or sometimes just a plain soup, while their leaders will get the meaty and creamy soup! The Dayaks that they represent, however, will live their life back to square one – again! Well, please don’t bother to ask whether I got my facts right or wrong, as this is a common knowledge and I just generalize that statement, lah! 

The history of past leaders’ mistakes in defending Dayakism can be traced back in the 1960s when the two well known Dayak leaders (both of them the Dayak Ibans) have formed two separate parties based on localities – SNAP (Sarawak NAtional Party – originated in Batang Saribas) and PESAKA (Parti PESAKA Anak Sarawak – originated in Batang Rajang). Due to their own personal disputes (including intolerance, ambitious, etc.) since the old days, both party leaders have never get along in their fights for the betterment of their fellow countrymen. And yes, the crab mentality and betrayal were  there, too! 

To cut the story short, all of us knew that SNAP has been finally scrapped and melted into different products – again due to ignorance, arrogance and autocratic rule by its non-Dayak leader (including other passive and ineffective Dayak leaders)! But then, the very same “Dayakism genes and traits” are still being carried under Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS – sorry, it’s now defunct!), followed by STAte Reform (STAR) Party, Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) and the latest being PRS (a by-product of PBDS). Yes, the race-based politics (by the Dayaks and for the Dayaks) are still relevant today, as I have penned my previous opinion in here.

Bear in mind that the non-Dayak leaders like Jim Wong, Wong Sungkai and (LariSeng Chiwat have NO GENUINE INTEREST to help the Dayaks in pursuing their struggle for their rights in the state. For example, Wong Sungkai is known for his “anti-Dayak” stance when he was in the gomen last time. The Seng clan is known in plundering the Dayaks’ NCLs in the form of its infamous banana plantation, but then, only a few knows that there’s an immature coal reserve underneath! All was done in the name of debolotment through plundering and exploitation of natural resources (TLCTimber, Land and Coal) indiscriminately! To hell with the Tender, Love and Care concept!

PESAKA, on the other hand, “was sold” to Parti Bumiputera to form Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), which led to a Muslim-dominion party. Thus, the (once fearsome) spirit of Dayakism is considered as “dead“, leaving the “other spirit” still alive until today. I’m sure my readers do know the kind of the other spirit, which resulting in benefiting certain lucky people in the state. 

Back “home“, we can only find one person who currently takes the lead – struggling alone for the betterment of his fellow Dayaks – and out of his personal, vested interests. Others, who have pledged to fight the same fight with him in the past, have gone to seek greener pasture. I would say that his fight for Dayakism is genuine, but then, without sound back-ups, he couldn’t do it alone. He’s sort of walking on foot to reach the destination, unlike many others who got their lift via “pirated” taxis or it can be best described by using an analogy of 2LDs versus 4WDs… He actually needs our material and moral supports, so that together we would achieve our dream to be equal partners in governing the state gomen, as the federal gomen is for sure would be out of reach! 

But then, are we rallying behind him? It might be “yes” and “no“. Other Bidayuh YBs also distanced themselves from this common fight of ours. Some of them have been labeled as “scary frogs” (and yes, Mike is their mentor…) that can’t beat their lousy leaders! Unless we are united in one voice and strength, we would not achieve that dream. 

Yes, we need more, regrouped BARGAINING POWER to make the spirit of Dayakism alive. A common goal/aspiration among the various Dayak groups in the state, in combination of better cooperation, understanding, etc. are of paramount factors that will take us to that struggle. Bargaining power – as I see it – is just like attaining high purchasing power in the future via ASB Investment Loan, where you gotta have the money, will, courage, patience and strength to get involve with. But alas, we would pass on our torch of hope to our future generations to accomplish our mission then. 

Is this pure imagination? “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one“, cries John Lennon at one time. Even Martin Luther King, Jr. was made famous by his saying, “I have a dream…” Yes, both Lennon and King were not dreamers, but visionary leaders. And their “legacies” are still alive to this day! 

Our aspiration is high and we are still fighting for the same thing again and again. Yes, our hope has been renewed and the spirit of Dayakism is very much alive – NOW! 

And we – the gifted Dayaks who are knowledgeable, gallant and brainy – then should GO FOR IT!


In addition to this article, I would like to link these three links from Malaysia Today:

1. The Brain Sees What It Is Told To See;

2. Prostitutes Galore; and

3. End of Mahathirism and The Last Keris Standing? (See the commentary given by this guy known as Nick Chong – it’s very interesting!)

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Prevention of “Crime against Money Laundering”?!

I got an e-mail recently from a friend of mine and it is worth to be careful all the time – especially when it comes to money matters. A “warning” has been issued, but then I’m not sure whether it was issued by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), but it happened (as can be seen in the following photos).

Well, do take extra care whenever you are going to withdraw your money from the ATM machines next time…


One of the Banks’ ATM “Converted” to Steal IDs of Bank Customers

A team of (internationally?) organized criminals are shown here installing equipment on legitimate bank ATM to steal both the ATM card numbers and the PINs. The team sits nearby in a car receiving the information transmitted wirelessly over weekends and evenings from equipment they installed on the front of the ATM (see photos). If you see an attachment like this, do not use the ATM and please report it immediately to the bank management.

The equipment used to capture your ATM card numbers and PINs is cleverly disguised to look like normal ATM equipment. A “skimmer” is mounted to the front of the normal ATM card slot that reads the ATM card number and transmits it to the criminals sitting in a nearby car.

At the same time, a wireless camera is disguised to look like a leaflet holder and is mounted in a position to view ATM PINs entries.

The thieves copy the cards and use the PINs to withdraw thousands from many accounts in a very short time directly from the bank ATM.

The skimmer

The “special” gadget (a skimmer – a rapid, superficial reader) is being installed on front of existing bank card slot…

Very-very dangerous gadget...

The “gadget” as it appears installed over the normal ATM bank slot (hardly to differentiate, isn’t it!)

A spy camera?! Very-very dangerous one...

The PINs reading camera being installed on the ATM is housed in an innocently looking leaflet enclosure.

Be careful, lah...

The installed camera is now ready to capture PINs by looking down on the keypad as you enter your PINs…

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