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Where has the spirit of Dayakism gone?

Dayakism is ALIVE!

Courtesy of TBS Bidayuh

For the last few days (including months before), we have been fed by the local dailies about the disputes here and there by the splintered, two major factions in the PRS (Parti Rakyat Sarawak), where both factions claimed to represent the Dayaks’ interests. 

Recently, Dr. James Jemut Masing has been declared by the ROS (Registrar of Societies) as the “recognized” leader of PRS. The announcement, while it was led to a jubilant celebration by Masing’s camp, creates uproar from (Larry) Sng’s camp. 

Why the uproar? It is obvious that those who created “havoc” do have their own personal agenda. Theirs, so as to say, have nothing to do with Dayakism in fighting for equality, justice, Native Customary Rights (NCRs), Native Customary Lands (NCLs), etc. Their fight is more on “securing and fattening themselves“. Yes, these “desperadoes” only live their dogs’ life – barking whenever their food supply is diminishing… In the end, they will only get the Boney-M or sometimes just a plain soup, while their leaders will get the meaty and creamy soup! The Dayaks that they represent, however, will live their life back to square one – again! Well, please don’t bother to ask whether I got my facts right or wrong, as this is a common knowledge and I just generalize that statement, lah! 

The history of past leaders’ mistakes in defending Dayakism can be traced back in the 1960s when the two well known Dayak leaders (both of them the Dayak Ibans) have formed two separate parties based on localities – SNAP (Sarawak NAtional Party – originated in Batang Saribas) and PESAKA (Parti PESAKA Anak Sarawak – originated in Batang Rajang). Due to their own personal disputes (including intolerance, ambitious, etc.) since the old days, both party leaders have never get along in their fights for the betterment of their fellow countrymen. And yes, the crab mentality and betrayal were  there, too! 

To cut the story short, all of us knew that SNAP has been finally scrapped and melted into different products – again due to ignorance, arrogance and autocratic rule by its non-Dayak leader (including other passive and ineffective Dayak leaders)! But then, the very same “Dayakism genes and traits” are still being carried under Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS – sorry, it’s now defunct!), followed by STAte Reform (STAR) Party, Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) and the latest being PRS (a by-product of PBDS). Yes, the race-based politics (by the Dayaks and for the Dayaks) are still relevant today, as I have penned my previous opinion in here.

Bear in mind that the non-Dayak leaders like Jim Wong, Wong Sungkai and (LariSeng Chiwat have NO GENUINE INTEREST to help the Dayaks in pursuing their struggle for their rights in the state. For example, Wong Sungkai is known for his “anti-Dayak” stance when he was in the gomen last time. The Seng clan is known in plundering the Dayaks’ NCLs in the form of its infamous banana plantation, but then, only a few knows that there’s an immature coal reserve underneath! All was done in the name of debolotment through plundering and exploitation of natural resources (TLCTimber, Land and Coal) indiscriminately! To hell with the Tender, Love and Care concept!

PESAKA, on the other hand, “was sold” to Parti Bumiputera to form Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), which led to a Muslim-dominion party. Thus, the (once fearsome) spirit of Dayakism is considered as “dead“, leaving the “other spirit” still alive until today. I’m sure my readers do know the kind of the other spirit, which resulting in benefiting certain lucky people in the state. 

Back “home“, we can only find one person who currently takes the lead – struggling alone for the betterment of his fellow Dayaks – and out of his personal, vested interests. Others, who have pledged to fight the same fight with him in the past, have gone to seek greener pasture. I would say that his fight for Dayakism is genuine, but then, without sound back-ups, he couldn’t do it alone. He’s sort of walking on foot to reach the destination, unlike many others who got their lift via “pirated” taxis or it can be best described by using an analogy of 2LDs versus 4WDs… He actually needs our material and moral supports, so that together we would achieve our dream to be equal partners in governing the state gomen, as the federal gomen is for sure would be out of reach! 

But then, are we rallying behind him? It might be “yes” and “no“. Other Bidayuh YBs also distanced themselves from this common fight of ours. Some of them have been labeled as “scary frogs” (and yes, Mike is their mentor…) that can’t beat their lousy leaders! Unless we are united in one voice and strength, we would not achieve that dream. 

Yes, we need more, regrouped BARGAINING POWER to make the spirit of Dayakism alive. A common goal/aspiration among the various Dayak groups in the state, in combination of better cooperation, understanding, etc. are of paramount factors that will take us to that struggle. Bargaining power – as I see it – is just like attaining high purchasing power in the future via ASB Investment Loan, where you gotta have the money, will, courage, patience and strength to get involve with. But alas, we would pass on our torch of hope to our future generations to accomplish our mission then. 

Is this pure imagination? “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one“, cries John Lennon at one time. Even Martin Luther King, Jr. was made famous by his saying, “I have a dream…” Yes, both Lennon and King were not dreamers, but visionary leaders. And their “legacies” are still alive to this day! 

Our aspiration is high and we are still fighting for the same thing again and again. Yes, our hope has been renewed and the spirit of Dayakism is very much alive – NOW! 

And we – the gifted Dayaks who are knowledgeable, gallant and brainy – then should GO FOR IT!


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April 11, 2008 - Posted by | 02 Bidayuh Politics


  1. dear Jackson,

    such a good story from you. we should start it with Tun Jugah as a paramount leader among the Dayak. Died in the arm of Yakub family. Then uncle Stephen Kalong went in. The “Taliban” mob detonate his asshole with gun powder. Again, by the Yakub family. The dayak were terrorized by the Yakub and the scar has been a permanant fear to the Dayakism.

    Yakub bought Leo Moggie and William Mawan paddy farm for RM 0.20. It is not funny but really true.

    Comment by tbsbidayuh | April 11, 2008 | Reply

  2. All in all, Dayakism has not develop but frequently di-bolot.

    Comment by EzRich Project | April 12, 2008 | Reply

  3. Yes, it is obvious that many Dayak politicians preferred to go through the wide gate rather than the narrow gate. The wide gate can be considered as an easy access to the vast, greener pasture, lah!

    The same thing happened to the flame of Dayakism, as not many of the Dayak leaders are willing to be sacrificial lambs…. Kurang minyak dari lemak haiwan kasi bikin api, apa?!

    Anyway, kudos to those committed Dayak leaders who, out of their personal, vested interests, are willing and continuously fight and defend Dayakism for the sake of their fellow countrymen!

    Comment by tiyungdayak | April 12, 2008 | Reply

  4. Thank God..

    “.. You may say i’m a dreamer. but i’m not the only one.”

    That is so true. Our time has come. Full stop.

    Let him know that he is not alone ok!

    Comment by Sumuk | April 13, 2008 | Reply

  5. Your words summarise that our Dayak YBs are not really Dayakists, but merely economic opportunist, which I absolutely agree with.
    Lets vote them out.

    Comment by tunabdulrazak | April 16, 2008 | Reply

  6. whoa, nice blog. brainer you being one of the blogoticians around. any new devpnt., kindly update the bidayuh via your blog.
    yeah, to know you is to love. i love you for you are good.
    your somet nakit romatis manah hehehe..

    Comment by nyipiek geh | April 17, 2008 | Reply

  7. i like the tasty names refered to the chai not nice lee dahs. Well our bedeyoh leeder have beautiful names, jem the worst, my call main-main, pit nonsense, roll the land, rich charge, tekik laughing. the yang dikasihi secret admirers and part time lovers. Maybe you got other beautiful names.

    to be cont…….

    Comment by tsunami | December 19, 2008 | Reply

  8. i was a kind reflecting back during my last campaign with Mr. Majen. Many a times i heard people said, the chinese are the deciding factor in a win or lose scenario.

    Can we as dayaks ask yourselves. can we be the major player/s for the downfall of BN ? Not just deciding factor.

    Major player / s. The spirit of dayakism will be very much alive and kicking. Hail to the Dayaks.

    Comment by tsunami | December 22, 2008 | Reply

  9. can any1 ask kana to repent as asking for forgiveness to all dayaks for what he has done?

    Comment by freeSARAWAK | March 31, 2009 | Reply

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