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It’s RIOTOUS (hilarious) when a Bidayuh pot calling a Bidayuh kettle “black”…

I’m quite fascinated with the following passage found on page 155 of Chapter 6.10: Five Betray PBDS (The Broken Shield: The birth of Dayakism by Mr. Joseph Tawie). The excerpt reads: 

Richard Riot, the defeated PBDS candidate for Tarat, condemned Michael Ben for crossing over to the BN3. “At first I was lost for words. I just could not believe Michael Ben, the very person who was instrumental in nominating me to be a PBDS candidate in the last election and who took me out from my stable government post of assistant manager of the State Sports Stadium, would have changed his principle and his conscience at the snap of a finger. I am greatly disappointed and upset at his move.

Wow! What an “impressive” statement by Datuk Richard Riot Jaem! Based on previous information, I came to know that Mr. Riot (allow me to address him as “Mister Riot” – easy, what!? It’s American style, anyway!) was an independent candidate before he crossed over to SUPP (Sarawak United People’s Party). And from this latter information, now we know that he joined politics through PBDS (Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak) before he chose to defect to SUPP. See, he (yes, Mr. Riot) helped in destroying Dayakism! And a week or so after the 12th General Election, he went into hiding (read: window shopping) in Singapore!

Well, he told Mr. Jacob Achoi of Borneo Post on April 16, 2008 (?) that he went to Australia for a vacation, as he is “well deserved” for the much-needed rest, lah! All of us knew from the Borneo Post and other gomen-controlled media that he went to Singapore! There, he lied again! Such an old trick! Let say, you knew that I went to Serikin looking for kasah or bidai (a rattan mat), but then, I “bluffed” TBS Bidayuh of TBS Bidayuh Post that I went to Seattle looking for Persian carpet… Or I went to Dalat looking for tebaloi (a kind of snack made from sago starch), but then, I “bluffed” Toon Ransack of DayakSpeaks Weblog that I went to Dallas looking for a cowboy hat… Holy crap!

Anyway, Mr. Riot will always be remembered and his name will always be recalled then, as he is rumored as the only known BN Member of Parliament (MP) from Sarawak who is going to defect to opposition (to avenge his frustration) by joining PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat). Well, that rumor remains a mystery (to this day!), as he finally caught red-handed (read: bought over) – handshaking with Conan Da Barisan and gave a BIG smile to the reporter(s)… No wonder, Mr. Riot is also known as (a.k.a.) Mr. Big O’ Smile (or B.O.S., tak jadi meriot… L.O.L.!!!) To recall our memory, let’s read this, this and this! And yes, correct, as this one also got!

I’m not sure whether the Serian voters would still like to have Mr. Riot as their beloved MP in the next, 13th General Election – after that comical farce (or sandiwara lucu)… Perhaps my fellow blogoticians – Swisserikin, TBS Bidayuh, Malaysia Digest, Taki Kasung and others could help by intensifying their campaigns to oust such traitor, including other so-called Bidayuh traitors – at both state and federal elections!

Yes, that’s “politics of (personal) development”, as (Datuk Dr.) JJ Masing once said – way back in 1987, when he commented on defectors and incidence of money politics.

Yawnnn… Time’s up!


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  1. Nice one brother. Money calls for money. That is the fact.

    Comment by tbsbidayuh | April 18, 2008

  2. I’m very sure that the Agung face has fished YB RR to stay put.

    Only the Agung face saved the water-face of BN Sarawak. Suppose, RR melompat, Taib would be red-faced, what.

    To the Serian folks, kalau mau sedekat, cari saja YB RR. Loaded dia sekarang.

    Comment by Malaysia Digest | April 18, 2008

  3. swisserikin once commented on a Saturday, that he was worried after he knew that Ting Phek Khing was sent by Dr George Chan to search for the ‘mysterousliy missing RR’. On the following Monday, the BOS gave a big smile at Borneo Post front page that he stay put with SUPP and BN. Does that not ring the RM bell?
    Vote him out.

    Comment by tunabdulrazak | April 25, 2008

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