Tiyung Dayak – “The Sour Dayak Apple” in Bidayuh Politics

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Let’s go, girl…!!!

Wow… it’s been a long time since my last post! It’s good to meet you guys online – again! Yup, I’m still alive and kicking though… I’ve been off the net for more than two weeks due to unreliable internet service by the provider. I overheard the other day that the provider is currently upgrading its goods and services. Well, I’m not sure about that, but then I’m really fed up with it.

Yup, I must confess that since my last post, I’m a little bit busy with my work, mostly on report writing, so I don’t have time and idea to update my blog. Well, that’s what a reporter for, lah! In the afternoon – after work (if it’s not raining, lah – I’ll do the gardening – busying myself with “small-scale open burning” (i.e. making baked soil for soil rehabilitation), planting vegetables and sometimes tree seedlings at our residence compound. The effort is satisfying though, where I can watch the beauty of life blooming in front of my eyes! Ya lah, whenever I watch the seedlings grow, I would be more excited, knowing that what I sowed in the beginning is going to be reaped in the end… Well, I thank God for the blessings!

To divert your attention, yes, I’ve met TBS Bidayuh and his adopted dad at Jolly Food Court, Batu Tujoh (Kota Sentosa) on May 28, 2008 – during a hot Wednesday afternoon. Yup, we had teh bueh session – i.e. a week before the fuel price hike on June 4, 2008! I don’t think that we could mesmerize ourselves with the spuloh-empat anymore, lah! EZRich, however, couldn’t join us jollying on that day due to his work commitment.

Then, on June 26, 2008 (Thursday afternoon), I called up Swisserikin – just to find out whether he’s still alive and kicking. Yes, of course, he did! He then promised me that he would be back on track again. Well, I just assumed that he’s still doing some literature search on Dayakism and I overheard that he frequently travels between Kuching and Pontianak to carry out the social survey. Hmmm… it could be, lah!

For the time being, I’ve found a new, online hobby. In fact, I took the interest in this hobby for quite a long time, but then to no avail. Yes, I love map reading and everything that’s related to Geographic Information System (GIS). I was about to specialize in that subject few years back, but then I couldn’t make it. So, I switched to another specialization, lah

I would say that this kind of hobby was found through trial and error. In fact, EZRich is known to be involved in this same hobby long ago compared to mine. It’s exactly the same experience when I first started my blog – without getting any clear direction on what should I do. Luckily, I managed to overcome the obstacles in managing my blog and it’s now kacang already, lah

Talking about my new hobby, well, it’s about flying… Have no surprise, lah! Do you believe that you and I can be e-aviators – even though without getting the ever expensive pilot’s license? Last week (I couldn’t remember the exact date), I browsed through a Chinese daily and saw a picture of CGIFA’s trainee pilots (based at Bintulu Airport) seated in front of their desktops with their hands attached to the joysticks! I murmured to myself, “What the heck… what kind of flight simulator is that?!” I couldn’t believe with what I saw, you know!

And now, I guess that I knew the answer, even though it could not be 100% correct. Do you want to know why? The simple answer – it might be – lies within the Google Earth webware! Well, check it out at Google Earth Blog and download the free software…

After installing and opening the software – depending on the speed of internet connection – you can click on at the menu bar “Tools” to enter flight simulator. Yes, make sure that the internet connection is not intermittent, lah!

And now, you can learn on how to fly – if you have a passion to fly… Yes, always believe that you too can fly and reach for the sky… Let’s learn together (through trial and error) and enjoy the excitement – and of course, be prepared for the air crash!

For more info, just click on this link. Let’s go, girl (Google)… L.O.L.!!!


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