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Strateji Pelaboran Mapan untok Masa Depan (Sustainable Investment Strategy for the Future)

Hello there…

It has been a long time since my last posting dated July 23, 2008! Yup, it’s good to be back. I do welcome my new readers to my blog. I know that some of them have just acquired their personal modems. So, I would like to wish them “Happy Viewing“, lah.

To begin with, I just replied to my friend’s email, in which he has informed me that he recently got a job with the semi-gomen sector. That guy is in his early 20s, so I told him about “Strateji Pelaboran Mapan …“. Then, I got another message from WORDPRESS.COM, informing me that another Dayak blogger (The Dyaks Blog) has referred to me. So, with a quick search, I’ve landed in that blog. At first, I thought that, that blogger has traded fiery remarks on me, but then, my perception was wrong, lah! The article in that blog is interesting, as it touched on ASB investment, the attitude and aptitude of Dayak investors, etc. Yeah, that blogger also mentioned (briefly) about Sakai Mentality among us – the Dayaks! Well, my readers should refer to that blog on what Sakai Mentality is all about and also to increase the hits for that blog, lah

Back to the subject matter again! Well, the strategy that I’m going to mention in this blog is none other than investment options that are available to all us – the Dayaks. Bear in mind that my focus is on young generations of Dayaks, who have entered the workforce market. The term “workforce market” here refers to both private and public sectors. It doesn’t make any difference then, as long as money matters! We should have “the will” to save part of our hard-earned income. For the benefits of my new readers, kindly refer to my most viewed article in here (including this one – and please, don’t get jealous, lah!).

Yup, “the will” is the keyword (or is it the key sentence? (“,) ). I have told my friends over and over again that they should opt for (an) investment plan(s), as a mean to “alleviate” themselves from future financial difficulties (or the worse woes!). Well, their responses so far can be categorized as “slumber“. It’s not about Sakai Mentality, anyway! And don’t ask me on what is the best term to describe it, but then, it has something to do with attitude and aptitude! Yup, the famous Parable of the Sower could describe it all…

Well, I tried to avoid the perception of “salesman’s approach” whenever I talked and encouraged them (to invest part of their income in legalized institutions), as I know that they will think of me as the sales agent! Heck, no! I just played my part (and will continue to do so) for the benefits of the society, what…!? Frankly speaking, I’m the late comer and only entered the workforce market at the age of 34! That’s why I chose investment plans as my “sustainable strategy for a better future“. These investment plans could also be used to augment my current EPF investment – and this is sort of giving encouragement to our young generations to follow suit, lah

OK, so here comes the strategy. Try to find information on other investment options – only from legalized institutions. I recommend my readers to opt for (a) life insurance policy(ies). Life insurance policies are kind of saving plans for the future, similarly to ASB investment, but with different terms and conditions (T&C), including interest rate charges, returns, etc. However, I’m not sure whether bank loan is involved or not, but so far, it is done through one’s personal saving(s), i.e. part of allocated personal income for that purpose – on monthly basis and for a certain accumulative period (usually to be ended at year 10, 15 or 20). Patience and strict discipline are the most important elements to be observed and the effort is worthiness, lah.

My readers will also find other important information from The Dyaks Blog. For example, I found the following quotes very interesting: (1) “You only tighten your belt for the duration of the loan and then enjoy the fruit of your suffering, BUT NOT the fruit of your investment. I hope we can see the difference.” and (2) “Other important elements of course your time and patience, which is a rare commodity among Dayaks and also part and parcel of Sakai Mentality.” (Quoted from The Dyaks Blog). So, did you grasp the point(s) given? I think my previous article could also be used to explain a bit about the said mentality – see paragraphs 6, 7 and 8…

Yes, there are many legalized (multi-national) institutions in this country that offered this kind of services. At the moment, I’m still waiting for my retirement saving plan to be approved. And this will be the latest and my fourth investment plan, apart from EPF, ASB and life insurance. My other future investment plan…?! Hmmphhh, I’m eyeing for Amanah Saham Didik (ASD), but then, it would be put on hold for the moment, lah! Of course lah, menabung untuk anak-anak bah… for their better education, finance, etc. in the future!

Well, I’m going to direct my readers to one of those sites for more investment options. If they are satisfied and have the will to save part of their hard-earned income, then hopefully they will contact their local sales agent(s) a.s.a.p. (as soon as possible) for further details (including other business transactions, lah!).

So, happy investing, folks! And yes, Merry Christmas 2008 & Happy New Year 2009 to all of you…


Additional Note:

Click the following Insurance FAQs from the world’s renowned insurance service provider for details:

Other reference on Insurance FAQs (a kind of “It looks like me, sounds like me, but it’s not me!” thing…)


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