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Feliz Navidad 2008

To all my fellow Christian brothers and sisters of Dayak origin, I would like to wish them all “A Blessed and Merry Christmas 2008 and Happy New Year 2009“.

In this hard time, let’s celebrate this occasion with an open heart and welcome our pengabang/pinami (visitors) to our open house(s). Yes, of course, celebrate it in a moderate and yet simple manner, as the prices of goods and services have gone up steadily.

A bottle of langkau (moonshine) and/or a jug of tuak (rice wine) will do, coupled with few bottles of carbonated drinks or home made lemonades and other delicacies… Reduce your chicken meat intake, as it contained lots of toxic chemicals due to “abused usage” of antibiotics in the chicken feed (see thesundaypost headlines dated December 21, 2008). If you may, change the menu with kasam babi, kasam ikan (semah/sutan/tilapia), kasam ensabi, keropok daun sabong, tiyung dayak soup cooked with salted fish or fish heads, etc. in accordance with our customed Dayak menu… Ooops! My Iban friend has told me about the infamous Iban delicacy – Deep fried Ikan Jabu, to be garnished with Timun Jabu… Heh!

During Christmas gathering with your friends and families, do make an effort to discuss bits and pieces about natives’ rights, the Land Code, global recession, Jatropha curcas potentials, etc. For sure, such rendezvous will enhance bonding among friends and families, and also it would be a good platform to give and take better ideas after few rounds of langkau drinks… Am I not right, my friends?!

Yeah, talk is cheap as global recession is now on the rise. Lucky you guys if you’re still being employed by next year, even though you’ll have to sacrifice a 20% – 30% salary cut and no bonus payout for this year’s toil. Yeah, it’s better than being unemployed, right…?! As long as you can still survive…

My call main-main?!

Eh, I got to go to get a crate or two of Bir Bintang, pak!

Once again,

“Merry Christmas 2008, happy holiday and hope to meet you again in 2009!”


Ooops! Bir Bintang is currently not available in Kuching right now! Wey, Swisserikin! That’s news, don’t you realize that? You should be the Bintang beer importer lah… as you have business contacts with our KAL Dayak brethren! Heh! The last time I drank Bir Bintang was in December 2007. Its taste is OK!


December 21, 2008 - Posted by | 03 Miscellaneous


  1. Oni abar ingan Tiyung? Thank you for visiting Salako Bato. But no, I am not from Pueh but from Biawak. Swisserikin knows me quite a bit.

    Merry Christmas to you and family and true what you say, this Christmas we must “nakit-nakit” in our expences.

    Comment by Kasia Kanaun | December 21, 2008 | Reply

  2. Season greetings.

    Will you be in London or New York?

    I’ll likely drop by at Manchester on 25th, Glasgow 26th, Dallas 27th and Las Vegas on 28th.


    Comment by Exotic Photos From Borneo | December 22, 2008 | Reply

  3. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2009 to you Tiyung!

    Comment by Sumuk | December 22, 2008 | Reply

  4. marry and must shall you not. But merry Christmas must i greet my fellow dayaks. Dayaks has awaken from their drunkeness of ignorance, naive, simplitic, reserve and low esteemed mentality. Bloggers friend, write more for tsunami will commented. To add more spices to already hot write-up. Behold ! i will shot, curse, fuck (upside down, inside out) the dayaks goons within a cabal / cult created by the axis of evil.

    To tiyungdayak, kepog somet mu, look like dayak nazi.. opppsss sorry.. handsome boy of the blog. banggalah..

    Comment by tsunami | December 22, 2008 | Reply

  5. Merry Christmas to Tiyung! Just to say that buah kepayang will never, ever the proudest Dayak fruit ever. Happy new year 2009.

    The Dyaks Blog.

    Comment by Dyaks | December 22, 2008 | Reply

  6. Thanks for the greetings, guys! Keep on blogging. To Tsunami, my somet is my identity, so there’s no way for me to trim it short, lah… Heh!

    By the way, Tsunami, is your email address working or not? I’ve sent an email to you few days ago, but then, it was bounced back!

    Comment by tiyungdayak | December 22, 2008 | Reply

  7. Merry Xmas to tiyung Dayak and all his readers. Yes, have to be thrifty. What matters most is the midnight mass and the Xmas Day Mass.

    Comment by tunabdulrazak | December 22, 2008 | Reply

  8. Merry Christmas Sama-i. Ngabang kambui payak.

    Comment by tbs | December 23, 2008 | Reply

  9. Tiyungdayak, my yahoo is working and kickinglah. you send mail surekah.. try again lah,,

    Comment by tsunami | December 23, 2008 | Reply

  10. tiyungdayak, siken tbsbidayuh my email. I once mail yoh.

    Comment by tsunami | December 23, 2008 | Reply

  11. It’s OK, Tsunami! I got “the email” already… Thanks!

    Comment by tiyungdayak | December 24, 2008 | Reply

  12. Merry christmas and happy new year.U can get pretty cheap beer at Desa wira btu kawa guy.

    Comment by lim | December 25, 2008 | Reply

  13. FYI, my sister made Boney-M(utton) soup, cooked with tiyung dayak fruits on the third day of X’mas… The taste was so good! I’ll make sure that it’s a must-have soup/delicacy for future Gawai and X’mas celebrations… Ooops, it’ll be “by invitation” only lah… Heh!

    Comment by tiyungdayak | December 29, 2008 | Reply

  14. tiyungdayak, The 4th day of christmas. Happy new Year.

    Comment by tsunami | December 29, 2008 | Reply

  15. Moh mok obuak anyang oyouk neh. Happy new year.

    Comment by tunabdulrazak | December 30, 2008 | Reply

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