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Are we – the Dayaks – recession proof?!

I’m intrigued by the Dyaksblog’s article, where he has mentioned about “recession proof Dayaks” due to current economic turmoil.

Yes, of course! In the past our forefathers/mothers were not likely affected by the economic turmoil, as they were engaged in subsistence economy. Well, the things really changed by now as most of us involved in commercial economy and everything is money3!

Are we inheriting the “recession proof” genes and traits of our forefathers/mothers? Only time will tell, but then, definitely, we – for sure – are “recession proof”.

I remember at one time that my uncle has told me about my “recession proof” great grandfather in the late 1800s (or it could be in 1890s?!). My great grandfather went as far as Bau (imagine walking on foot many miles through the dense forest* at that time) to work in an antimony mine for a few years. Later, after he got his fortune, he had involved in sort of “barter trading”. Many kampong folks worked for him in his farm and in return, he paid them wages in the form of salt, rice, sarongs, etc. And that’s the end of the short story, lah!

The point for “recession proof” Dayaks? Well, thanks to my uncle again, as he has told me this kind of advice: “Try to emulate the good and hard work done by our forefathers as guidance in our life; even if we are thrown out into the ocean, for sure, we’ll emerge as an island“. Of course, the lesson learnt: “We’ll survive…

It means that the “recession-proof” Dayaks in today’s challenging world should recapitalize on greater knowledge and skills, which are much needed for a better future. Yes, the answer lies within education (both formal and informal), which is the master key for success.

The current generation of Dayaks are portrayed as my great grandfather (who had made a fortune after venturing out of his kampong), but then, given the best case scenario, it is also possible for our future generation of Dayaks to become engineers and/or managers at Northrop Grumman! Well, just to give an imaginative example… Am I not right, my friends?!

L.O.L.!!! Happy New Year 2009!


*This is not “My call main-main“, as the site has been chosen by My call main-main as the new Bidayuh Resettlement Area a.k.a. Kampong Toon Ransack… Aiyah!


December 30, 2008 - Posted by | 05 Dayakism


  1. In a few more hours, the old calender of 2008 will be discarded and all will be hoping and talking about what lies ahead in 2009. Some are wishing each other all the best that they hope for while others are just grateful that they are able to see another day. To me, there is “no new year” per se except that we are getting older by each second that we are allowed to breathe the good, fresh air.

    I kind of agree with you that we Dayaks are “recession proof” ( I mean those economically less able Dayaks) because they are already immune to it for the fact that the majority of us Dayaks never really benefited and enjoyed the riches of our motherland. We really have nothing to lose because as a matter of fact, there is nothing for us to lose for we have nothing to lose. Why? Because we have not really gained anything. If we have nothing, what is there to lose?

    Anyway, talking about the “practical managements” for us Dayak that you suggest me to write in my future post, that dear friend is a heavy term indeed and I must preempt by saying that I will not be able to share something worthwhile about it except may be by saying nothing.

    Anyway, tiyung dayak is tasty indeed and a good source of vitamin C. Heh…heh…

    Comment by Kasia Kanaun | December 31, 2008 | Reply

  2. Agree so long as our land are still ours. If we do not stop our land legal robberies by Taib and Jabu, soon we will squat in our own land. Then your theory will be invalid.

    Comment by tunabdulrazak | January 1, 2009 | Reply

  3. I promised myself, the land shall be mine. That’s where I shall be buried. Where are you Guys when we campaign so hard convincing the dayaks for change? Where are you during the last election when I move about helping Majen not for any gain but just trying to convinced our dayaks.

    To be cont…

    Comment by tsunami | January 1, 2009 | Reply

  4. We’ll fight for it together, my friends, at a slow and steady pace! Don’t go for it at once; otherwise we’ll be exhausted.

    Only time will tell the exact timing for the Husband to go for another five more Wives! Of course, the “How, What, Who, Where, When, Why” factors. Do some Wiki search for details… Heh!

    For a start, let’s stay away from patronizing any gomen-linked sponsored functions…

    Yes, our votes are precious. The 2B pencils, our determination to get rid of being oppressed, etc. are mightier than (a) RM50 note(s)…

    Comment by tiyungdayak | January 1, 2009 | Reply

  5. Glad that tiyung dayak highlight the topic. Initially I’m only referring to the plight by the many Dayak workers affected by the impending closures of the Sama Jaya factories which suggest it doesn’t matter since the fittest Dayak will survive as some of you may rightly pointed out. The biggest losers are not Dayak workers but those keeping the sinking ship floating (1st Silly-Con factory etc) and only time will reveal all those responsible for such big failure RM billions losses of state industrial sector. May God damn the thieves.

    Comment by Dyaksblog | January 2, 2009 | Reply

    • It’s not just about hi-tech industries in Sama Jaya. Few years ago, the CMS Steel was also gone bankrupt and it’s unimaginable. My brother got retrenched due to its closure. It might have something to do with “online trading” mismanagement (part of)… Veena Moral Less could also been involved, too! Heh!

      Yes, it’s time to change… It’s “The Gorillaz’ World Affair” and “That’s Offensive!

      Comment by tiyungdayak | January 2, 2009 | Reply

  6. CMS Steel slowly scrap-ironed by KKB Engineering group and turn it into some welding workshop or something. Another goon salvages it to cover the losses. Convenient crap.

    Comment by Dyakblog | January 6, 2009 | Reply

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