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News Flash: Banjer di sana sini! (Flood is everywhere!)

Last night I got a call from my kampong mate – informing me that our kampong is currently being flooded due to non-stop, heavy rain and high water level! Pity him and other kampong folks, as lots of their belongings were damaged by the flood.

My sister has told me that this is the season for king tide – forecasted for at least a week from now. Not only in Kuching, but other areas within Sarawak are also affected by the flood. Well, it reminds me of the not so great flood, which was occurred in February, 2003. It caused great misery for us and others. Anyway, it’s fun though playing outdoor (in the flood water), as this is the chance to net more inland fish – for free!

To the affected guys and gals due to the flood, please do take great care of your own safety, including your loved ones!

For weather updates in Malaysia, kindly click here.

By the way, is there any “action” by responsible agencies/organizations in reaching and giving out the “bantuan bagi mangsa2 banjer” (aid for the flood victims) at this moment?

KUCHING BARRAGE – is it operational or not???


January 11, 2009 - Posted by | 03 Miscellaneous

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