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A case of “mistaken identity” lah…

You know what, my friends? Do you remember that day, that I’ve wrote in my previous blog, informing you guys and gals that I’ve registered a new, partner blog? Yes, correct, it’s about the shrinking silo size for my media files.

At first, I thought that I only have little storage space left, so that why I’ve registered another blog. Just now I’ve noticed that something fishy had happened! See part of the text below, taken from my Admin Officer:

Boss, you are using the Browser uploader. 2.5 MB used, 3.0 GB (99.9%) upload space remaining. You can upload additional file types and increase your available space with a Space Upgrade.

I’m pretty sure that you too did notice the difference, right?! Yup, MB vs. GB! Got it?

Well, I’m not a short-sighted guy lah, but the problem is, when I saw the number 99.9%, that makes me wondering, how come I’ve depleted the (precious) resource (I mean the “storage for media files“!)…

It’s OK then, as now I’ve acquired a 6-GB of storage space… Heh! So, to Tiyung Dayak’s F&NF (Friends & Families, lah) who are currently blogging using WORDPRESS.COM,

Yes, it’s confirmed lah, my friends!

It’s a THREE-GIGA BYTE (3-GB) OF SPACE for each blog registered!

Yup, it’s more than enough to store any of our media files. In case if you are running out of space, just tiru macam saya lah… Heh!


January 12, 2009 - Posted by | 03 Miscellaneous

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