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I’ve noticed that the Dayaks – wherever they might be – are interested to know more about the natives’ rights to land in Sarawak. Well, I have few references on that subject, which are available online. Some of the files are downloadable in PDF (Portable Document Format). If you don’t have the Adobe Acrobat Reader (including other free software), kindly download it here. One good practice: Create a folder within your internal or external hard disk to keep the downloaded files (including its links), as you might need it for “referencing” in the future.

Well, it might sounds academic, but what to do, right? “No pain, no gain” as they used to say. Just imagine yourself as reading National Geographic or BAR online magazine. It’s fun, though!

OK, folks! I know that some of you are yawning back there. “So, what’s the story for today after the Jako Pesan?” as some of you might wonder, right?!

To begin with, in thesundaypost today (thesundaypost. 2009. Hydro dams proposed for Baram, Limbang. January 18, 2009 Edition), (Dr.) A J Numpang has announced that the state gomen will proceed with the proposed construction of Baram and Limbang dams. Well, I’ll scan the news cutting next time for the benefits of “oversea” Dayak readers. Anyway, I’m not sure whether Murum hydro power dam project has started or not. So, there are going to be three new hydro power dams (including Murum hydro power dam) to be built in Sarawak (out of 12 dams), right? Nope! Based on reliable information (it’s straight from the horse’s mouth), Baram, Limbang and Murum are designated with one, four and one hydro power dam(s), respectively! And of course, it’ll be another high inflation again – once the projects are commenced!

Again, (Dr.) Numpang also talked about the very bright prospect of setting up another Mystical & Mythical Plantations Plc. in both Baram and Limbang. Good for the folks over there, as their pre-printed blank cheques (compensation money) – as according to (Dr.) Numpang – will be put “in good use” (Take note on that, folks!). Yup, the top priority is for the establishment of SCORESure Can, Only Remove (the natives) – (and for sure they’ll) Evict! You might be wondering: Am I against development for the people of Baram and Limbang? No, but I’m against the debolotment of natural resources – that’s all!

Do you believe that there will be only 12 new hydro power dams to be built in Sarawak? I don’t buy it! And then, it’ll be Made in China thing, as Mahater(ror) and other 20% of fanatic Malaysians are boycotting US products! Why Mahater(ror) should ask us – the remaining 80% Malaysians – to blame Israel and the US? It’s a common knowledge that he and his family members (including cronies) kept millions of US Dollars (it could worth billions of US Dollars by now!) in the Israeli National Bank in Singapore – plundered during his infamous 22-year regime! Hypocrite! Ooops…

By the way, do you remember the tragic end of the late assemblyman, together with six others – PMC Chairman; SESCO CEO, its Northern Region Manager and an engineer; a business contractor and the helicopter pilot? The questionable questions: Why SESCO top management team members were with him? Was it coincidental? Were they just flown around for fun? Yup, it’s history. Well, there’s a rumor that they flew into that area in search of suitable rapid(s) to be developed as dam(s) for future hydro power generation (and not just “to study a possible gridline for telecommunications and power projectsas reported). To cut it short, just remember this: the magic number isn’t 12, folks!

Eh, cakap punya cakap, so, here are the references for native land rights in Sarawak:

1. Land is Life: Land rights and oil palm development in Sarawak

2. Superintendent of Lands and Suveys vs. Lim

3. Deconstruction and Reconstruction of Native Customary Land Tenure in Sarawak

4. Legal Perspectives on Native Customary Land Rights in Sarawak

5. Expanding State Spaces using ‘Idle’ Native Customary Land in Sarawak

6. Forest Governance in Malaysia: An NGO perspective

7. Briefing Paper II: Modern Forest and Land Legislation and Native Customary Rights in Sarawak

8. Native Customary Laws and Natives Rights over Land (Pro-gomen)

9. An Alternative View on Native Customary Laws and Native Rights over Land in Sarawak: WHAT the Sarawak Attorney General DOES NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW

From time to time, (and IF I got the time), I’ll quote the relevant section(s) of the Land Code in my future postings. Yup, e-information sharing is amazing!

Happy reading to all!


January 18, 2009 - Posted by | 05 Dayakism, 07 The Greatest Scam


  1. G’Day, mate! My Tiyung Dayak fren.
    Have you got “Legal Perspectives on Native Customary Land Rights in Sarawak” by Dr Ramy Bulan? The studies were commissioned by Suhakam. Its very good. Very detailed study
    by her and brilliantly argued in points of law.

    Regards and thank you for your”support”!!

    Comment by Borneo Warrior | January 19, 2009 | Reply

    • Yup, I got Bulan and others’ hard copies on that issue. In fact, some of the documents are available on the net, including a copy of no longer secret, P&C file… Anyway, use keyword(s) (or phrases) whenever you do your internet search. E.g.Tiyung Dayak” – just in case if you want to learn the fried tiyung dayak sambal recipe from Mr. President (of USA-B) lah… Heh!

      It’s good for the bloggers to read some of the e-documents and share it with others. Otherwise, the e-documents will remain in good health within the virtual library, and the crooks will remain free to debolot (plunder), because nobody cares…

      The followings are links to e-documents under “Native Customary Rights over Land” at http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=native+customary+rights+over+land&ei=UTF-8&fr=moz2

      Comment by tiyungdayak | January 20, 2009 | Reply

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