Tiyung Dayak – “The Sour Dayak Apple” in Bidayuh Politics

For the Greater Glory of Bidayuh Politics

The “Gas Dapor” story…

The former Gas Dapor SS Officer was claimed to be involved in the Bidayuh native land scam loooong time ago. He had told the less fortunate Bidayuh folks – by force – (kind of) this: “In the name of “debolotment“, surrender your (native) land!” And all the poor, submissive Bidayuh folks could say was: “Sarawak (Serah Ke Awak)” (sort of “We’ll surrender it (the land) to you…“).

Actually, that former Gas Dapor SS Officer has cheated the Bidayuh folks. He indirectly “bought” the land through manipulation of state gomen‘s native land compensation scam. Yes, correct, he “bought” the land at the very cheapest rate and converted it into an instant investment asset. And now, the land (which was once belong to the Bidayuh poor folks) has been swindled (read: auctioned off) and is going to be developed into the second phase of Pulis Academy.

And while the poor Bidayuh folks have already diminished their native land compensation money, the former Gas Dapor SS Officer is now laughing out loud (to and fro the bank), as his instant investment asset is now beginning to yield some returns… And again, while the Bidayuh folks only got thousands of Ringgit, the former Gas Dapor SS Officer – alone – might made millions of Ringgit!

No wonder, some of the gomen-related cronies are filthy rich! Anyway, it’s OK for them to have the ill-gotten money (through scams and manipulations), so let them make their (mis)fortunes out of it.

Yes, these Bidayuh folks have been cooked (cheated)! Not only them, but such scam also involved other Bidayuh folks in the upper Padawan (including other Dayak natives all over Sarawak).

And come this next state election, let us – the Dayaks – All Together Now! – kick those asses out from the state gomen administration! God willing, we’ll replace those vacant spaces with aces

By the way, pay heed to Dyaksblog’s donkey advice, folks! In case of emergency, call your good lawyer(s) for some advice…


January 20, 2009 - Posted by | 02 Bidayuh Politics, 04 Money Talk, 05 Dayakism, 07 The Greatest Scam

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