Tiyung Dayak – “The Sour Dayak Apple” in Bidayuh Politics

For the Greater Glory of Bidayuh Politics

The new type of “colonization” by V.O.C. will begin soon…

Borneo Post. 2009. State's NCL devt attracts Dutch attention. January 21, 2009 Edition.

Borneo Post. 2009. State's NCL devt attracts Dutch attention. January 21, 2009 Edition.

We have embraced globalization, so what?!” This could be (Dr.) Numpang’s response – let say that he’s going to be bombarded with question(s) by blogger(s) cum online reporter(s)…

Imagine that “Ted the Reporter” is one of those online “interrogators“. For sure, he’ll ask lots of questions:

Ted the Reporter : How are you, doc?
(Dr.) Numpang : Fine, fine, thank you!
Ted the Reporter : So, tell me doc… How is the Dayaks’ acceptance to this aaa… NCL development so far?
(Dr.) Numpang : Well, yah… so far so good! We take SALCRA for example… When we first started in aaa… 1976; Yah, 1976… after I introduced the bill…
Ted the Reporter : Where and to whom?
(Dr.) Numpang : In the Dewan Negri at that time, lah
Ted the Reporter : Ooo, I see, I see! OK… Then, what happened?!
(Dr.) Numpang : One of my greatest achievements was that only through SALCRA…, yah, SALCRA… we were able to contribute RM52 million, yah, RM52 million to about 16,000 plus participants…
Ted the Reporter : RM52 million, uh? In 32 years… uhm, let say for… uhm, 16K+ participants… Eh, how come, each participant only got RM3K+ after 32 years?! Meaning that, RM100+ per year lah???
(Dr.) Numpang : Aiyah… you don’t write that in your paper, lah… Just put RM52 million – OK, what!?
Ted the Reporter : OK, doc… No problemo, lah!
Ted the Reporter : So tell me, doc… Where did you get this V.O.C.?
(Dr.) Numpang : V.S.O.P.
Ted the Reporter : No, no! V.O.C., the Dutch guy! You shook hand with him this morning…
(Dr.) Numpang : Oh… You mean Mr. M Raj?! Yah… What’s V.O.C., if not V.S.O.P.???
Ted the Reporter : Aiyah… didn’t Rentap tell you before? We studied Malay History in school last time what… V.O.C. is a short form for Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie, or best known in Singapore and Jakarta as The Dutch Company
(Dr.) Numpang : Ooo… I didn’t know that… I only knew The Sarawak Company… best in Kuching and Sibu last time!
Ted the Reporter : Ooo… like that, uh?
(Dr.) Numpang : Of course lahEh, you want some Kopi O kah? Come, come…
(Dr.) Numpang : Darling, darling… Ooo, darling… Ooo Hah!


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