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Tracing the economic turmoil…

I used to inform my siblings and friends that global recession will approach each and every one of us – once in every 10 years or so (to be exact, in every 12 years). So far, I’ve experienced it thrice during my life time:

1.      in the 1980s – when I was in primary school. How were we got affected? Through the non-availability of sugar stock! Life was hard then. We used Susu Chap Junjong (a Milkmaid creamer/sweetener) as substitute to sugar. But then, we still got enough food to live on and we thank God for we never go out to beg for food!

2.      in 1996/1997 – this is where the Asian Tigers became “toothless” due to the collapse of Asian economies. Mahater(ror) quickly pointed his “bird” (finger) towards Aki Josh (Soros) – alleged him for “illegal” money speculation (if the term is correct). It’s wayang kulit (shadow play), anyway! Do you believe Mahater(ror) and his entire family members and cronies really suffer from this economic turmoil? Well, they’re for sure having lavish food served on the dinner table(s)! Yup, the drum beats of “REFORMASI” were heard at that time. And I could recall that I was on survival training at that time – mentally and physically – and luckily I was managed to pass out from the academy with flying colors!

3.      in 2008/2009 – the turmoil was started on June 4, 2008 due to fuel price hike. Like a domino effect, the economic building blocks were tumbled – one by one. In late October 2008, it was made known – only to – the timber industry circle that massive layoff/retrenchment of workers is imminent. Then in mid November 2008, Western Digital has announced its full closure to be completed by March 2009! As usual, Akih Chan (well, the term was borrowed from Dyaksblog, lah!) has denied that such thing could happen to the state! Now, can Akih Chan be responsible and answerable to the people who have lost their jobs – their very source of livelihood? How are they going to survive (including settling their loan repayments)? Anyway, it’s good to know that Akih Chan is going to retire soon. Well, I’m not sure whether he and his family will be migrated to New Zealand or Australia. I would like them to migrate to Zimbabwe and enjoy their newly found “billionaire” or “trillionaire” status; be a venture capitalist, Akih Chan! by starting a Jatropha curcas plantation and employing the starving Zimbabweans… Stop abusing us – the Dayaks – politically, financially, and whatever “allylah!

The following news cuttings will only serve as guidance. The first one is about the Ox Years and Recession. Here we can see the three periods of recession – as been discussed earlier and experienced by myself – the year 1985, 1997 and 2009. The next recession would fall in the year 2021 (Metal Ox?!), i.e. 12 years from now. But then, it’s better for us to make pre-recession financial planning – i.e. 10 years from now. Again, better (financial) planning will help in guiding us “to set sail through stormy, rough seven seas“.

thesundaypost. 2009. Are you an Ox person? January 25, 2009 Edition.

thesundaypost. 2009. Are you an Ox person? January 25, 2009 Edition.

By the way, I’m not interested to attach the non-relevant news cuttings in my blog – as most news articles are about Akih Chan, CNY celebration, (Dr.) A J Numpang & Dr. J R Ngipa’s CNY visit, etc. However, one BIG character is missing! Taeb and Rela are nowhere to be found. Ah, they could be in Davos (or Davao???), enjoying their winter holiday! Easy money – to be spent lavishly, ala Mafia-style…

And in today’s Borneo Post edition (January 30, 2009) – Thank God! – Awang Tanah and wife, including Awang Hermit (among others) are safe (and sound) after they fell down 10 feet to the ground due to collapsed jetty! Well, I hope that Awang Tanah have learnt something useful in life – do respect our mother (native) land, including its resources. Never ever behave like Lucy in the Sky with Diamond or a squirrel – who thought that it wouldn’t fall to the ground since it’s a tree climber expert!

Terrible things do happen; it will happen to you and me. So, be prepared. I was also once a victim, when our hired speed boat was capsized – in the middle of a river! Thank God, as all of us survived the tragedy without loss of life. Yup, of course, most of us have lost our belongings. None of us – even a good swimmer – could and would overcome the power of invisible, underneath strong current!

Anyway, to those who have lost their jobs, I hope that they won’t be despair. It’s not the end of the world (yet). Be patience and try to be resilient. Hopefully, the situation will be better – if not sooner, then later lah. Be strong and do keep your faith in God; always believe that God will provide. Well, you can read it from Romans 8: 28 and Matthew 6: 25 – 33.

Borneo Post. 2009. Over 10,000 M'sians jobless since January 1. January 29, 2009 Edition.

Borneo Post. 2009. Over 10,000 M'sians jobless since January 1. January 29, 2009 Edition.


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