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Imagine this and that…

I’m monitoring closely on the latest political development in Perak, which is reported of having “heavy structural damage” due to inferior engineering and construction quality! Here I can see traces of what the Malays really pissed of – “Zionism“. Yes, I read about it in an article in MalaysiaKini on why the Malays are just swaying around – ber”Gaza” ke hulu, ber”Gaza” ke hilir – without knowing on what it’s all about …

My point(s)??? Imagine IF the same situation (which is right now – happened in Perak) is going to happen one day in Sarawak… Let’s take Najip as our “scapegoat“. Do you really “approve” him for the takeover as the next PM of Malaysia??? Nope, I don’t! Do you have NO regrets having a silent murderer/adulterer/kidnapper like him as your “national leader“? Well, I do! That man really has his own personal, family problem – right down from his late dad, to himself, to his flamboyant wife and son … and the list will go on until his lineage will be vanished from the surface of this earth! Kena rawang ngara ati sraru man pangu so bara daya ratus! And he’s also not fit for the title “national leader” – or let him be known as a national “pimp“. You might ask me then: “Who are you to judge (him)?” Heck! So, is that mean you, others and I should just close our eyes for the misdeeds made by these so called “Ketuanan Melayumorons??? I really hate it – to death!

And to hell with “Ketuanan Melayu Rasuah Baruah Najip“!!!

Can you imagine that our country – once one of the Asian Tigers – is now becoming weak – day by day??? Can you imagine that our country – one day – will have sharp brain drain, where more and more people with top brains are moving out/migrating to other countries? Can you imagine that – you and others (yes, excluding myself) – one day – will be crowded in a small boat (packed like sardines in a can) – stranded/drifting away in the Pacific Ocean – leading to nowhere – just in search of a better livelihood???

Well, the choice is yours (for a better or worse gomen; and also for a better or worse future)!

Even IF Malaysia is going to be another Zimbabwe of Asia, I would rather stay in this country – guarding and working out on our small farm – picking some skills on subsistence agriculture – in order to survive!

Yes, I can! And so do you!

See my commentary below…


February 4, 2009 - Posted by | 05 Dayakism, 07 The Greatest Scam


  1. After Perak Men’s incidence, the next target is could be Selangor, as Selangor also have its own “Rumble in the Bronx” for the past few months!

    We’ll wait and see. The millions (if not, billions!) of Ringgit are still available to be spent for the defection of ADUNs (assemblymen).

    It would be more than good enough for Tiki to Riot after the 12th GE! And now, they’ve lost the money!!! Arghhh, to hell with those scumbags!

    Yes, imagine that Dato’ K-Toyol (are his Javanese Toyols a.k.a. genies around???) is now getting ready with his magic broom

    Comment by tiyungdayak | February 4, 2009 | Reply

    • Hear ye, Dayaks!

      A warning has been issued here.

      The not so secret codes are s & a

      Comment by tiyungdayak | February 5, 2009 | Reply

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