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Got “no time” – at all?!

If I mention the words “no time“, let say in front of Datuk Ursula, then I’ll get the blame from her – I think so! Nah, that’s not my intention to write this article actually… Just relax!

Yes, folks! I’m sorry for being incommunicado for the past few days. Yup, whenever I’m bZzz, I just scanned through my blog and other blogs to update myself lah on current situation.

You know what, guys and gals? I have an encounter with Dr. JBA of DayakBaru.com. Yup, we were on the same flight from Kuching to Bintulu this evening. Well, in order to maintain “secrecy“, so I just stayed behind him and “not able” to say “Hi!” to him. Yup, he did mention about SADIA and SDNU to other fellow Malay guys and gals during the “Q-up“.

In another “development“, it’s a surprise for us this evening that DSAI is currently holding a dinner talk in Bintulu. It’s raining heavily, though. My informant has informed me that he has shook hand with DSAI. DSAI has lots of supporters in Bintulu, I guess! Along the road to and fro Bintulu and the airport, I can say that the vehicles are queued by the roadside for about 2 – 3 km long!

Well, as usual, the (Dayak) BN leaders would dismiss such visit as “no(n)sense”. Let them be reminded that IF the Dayaks and others are united in one voice, for sure they (the BN leaders) would beg around next time!

Well, Dr. JBA, I’m so sorry for not been able to greet you. If you can refresh your memory, then it would be fine, lah… Even to Mr. President (of USA (B)), Borneo Warrior and others, I’ll just ignore them – unless if they know me, lah

Eh, next time, I better get my Elvis’ suit; so whenever you meet someone who is looks like Elvis Presley, that guy couldn’t be Tiyung Dayak… He could be one of those Elvis Presley’s impersonators… Yes, he could be Joe Nakal Stay Young or someone else…



February 21, 2009 - Posted by | 03 Miscellaneous


  1. It is good to remain strangers in public, though we have talked over the hp. This 20 May, you better join me for gawai at Pontianak Istana, where under one roof, there will be visitors of various ethnics and beliefs, in their Dayak motif gears, and under that same roof, one can find ‘halal for Muslims’ and ‘halal for non-Muslims’ food stalls.
    I can also arrange ‘samal tiyung dayak’ to be in the menu, if you could give me several day’s notice.

    Comment by tunabdulrazak | February 22, 2009 | Reply

  2. DIY Dayak Elvis:

    1. Elvis jumpsuit
    2. Big sunglass
    3. Thick sideburns
    4. Sexy hairy chest
    5. Deep croon voice that can arouse a lady and take off her clothes by just using your sexy voice only
    6. A must Elvis song: Suspicious Minds…

    Comment by Dyaksblog | February 27, 2009 | Reply

    • I preferred your Sindér List Mambo No. 5! How to have a deep croon voice, anyway!? Any secret recipe for that?


      Comment by tiyungdayak | February 27, 2009 | Reply

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