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Happy birthday to Ted!

Toop, toop… Ooops! YAKULT! YAHOO!

It’s March 3, 2009 – 0610 Malaysian time! L.O.L.!!!

I just want to inform show off that today is Tiyung Dayak’s Day – I mean, it’s the blog’s first anniversary, lah!

What, the performance?! Well, to date, the Tiyung Dayak’s blog has posted 93 short and looong articles (including this one) under 8 categories; decorated with Andreas04 theme and 32 widgets; received 150 complaints, including 130 love letters from sPamela; the busiest day was recorded on Friday, February 13, 2009 with 111 hits (I swear, I don’t have that RM4.0 million!) and finally, 7,336 potential buyers (for Tiyung Dayak’sfanciful” fruit and juice products, I guess!) from 66 countries worldwide since March 3, 2008! Wow, it’s not that bad for a beginner, actually… And yes, not forgetting, there are currently 3 articles published by its “sister company“.

Besides, Tiyung Dayak has contributed countless number of commentaries in this and other blogs. So what…?!, as some of you might argue, lah. Anyway, you are hereby assured that the numbers are kept on increasing. Yup, the given numbers are also mean “vast opportunities” for “money speculators” (read: 4D punters) to “pump and drain” their money, lah! Well, the numbers are not that important; the essence of the articles – yes! It can be damn serious and/or funny reading stuff…

Yup, Tiyung Dayak a.k.a. T.D. a.k.a. Ted(dy) and other invisible crew members, including friends and family members will continuously “lend” their (morale) support – through blogging, of course! – in order to achieve a better future for all Dayaks, especially the Sarawak Dayaks.

It's Tiyung Dayak's Blog first anniversary celebration...

It's Tiyung Dayak's Blog first anniversary celebration...

And that’s what Tiyung Dayak for – to always be the bestSour Dayak Apple” – not just in Bidayuh politics, but also to remain active as participant in Dayakism-based politics! And of course, that’s the reason why Tiyung Dayak rarely seen in a jovial mood. And that “stern looking face” can be presumed as his favorite trademark or signature or something… Anyway, never ever judge a book by its cover… Well, you do know what I mean, right!? L.O.L.!!!

In addition, blogging is like “to sort out and arrangebusiness strategies. It can be applied in “provoking and/or propagating” some ideas – either good or bad – to be used as “guidance” prior to decision making. And if you do have time to spare on reading serious stuff on business strategies and effective communication, I would like to recommend you to this blog, including this one.

By the way, best wishes and congratulatory messages are also hereby given to TBS Bidayuh, Mr. President (of USA (B)), Dyaksblog (?!), MD of Malaysia Digest, Inc. and other “friendly” bloggers who has/will celebrate their first anniversaries, lah!

Eh, Borneo Warrior, when is your next birthday, huh??? Kémpen, kémpen jugak… éniberseri jangan rupak wooo! L.O.L.!!!

Gosh, I almost forgot! Kindly click the following links, as I want to show you how the rich, infamous and yet most powerful (?) person has celebrated his birthday recently!


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  1. Silamat Onu Beranak brother.

    Comment by tunabdulrazak | March 3, 2009 | Reply

  2. Hello Tiyung Dayak!

    Happy Bday, my fren! Aiyah, am an old man lah fren. My bday is on the 10th Dec.
    Batang Ai how? My colleagues in PRS are wondering….!!
    The candidate?

    regards bradder.

    Comment by Borneo Warrior | March 3, 2009 | Reply

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