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Another “Lihai Joke” by “self-coated” Malay…

Few months ago, this Lihai guy (a womanizer) made a joke that he’s ashamed for being called an “Orang Ulu”. And here comes another Lihai Joker, who goes by his “Malay-coated” name “Usop Enturun Bin Belau” (pronunciation: “Be-la-u” – a well-known inland (peat-swamp) fish to the Ibans).

Kick his butt out!!!

Kick his butt out!!!

What?! Is this “Usop” guy (pic) really ashamed for being (called) a Dayak? Good for him, as from now on, my friends and I will consider him as another “outsider or immigrant” – imported somewhere from the Malay Archipelago…

Jako-pesan ngagai bala kaban belayan ba menoa Sarawak tu:

“Aram meh kitai sama-sama anang mai Unggal “Usop” tu ngabang lebuh maya Gawai 2009 tu!”

(“Just boycott and/or ignore this “Usop” guy from any Ngabang Gawai 2009 session!”)



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