Tiyung Dayak – “The Sour Dayak Apple” in Bidayuh Politics

For the Greater Glory of Bidayuh Politics

The proposed Cow(ardice) Act, 2009…

What the hell is going on in Malaysia today? It seems that the proposed 1Malaysia concept has been changed and endorsed into the 1Malay concept! WHAT?! The hell breaks loose, huh…?

It’s really frustrating to read/see and hear on what’s happening in Malaysia today. Weird, but it really happened! Yup, see the evil, hear the evil… [Click here, here, here and a lot more in here, as the photos in that blogs can’t lie to you and me (unless there are doctored photos, lah]!

Is there any significant point to commemorate Malaysia Day today and beyond? No point (at all), unless the 1Malay concept is to be abolished, ummmph, under the proposed Cow(ardice) Act, 2009 – as other existing laws and regulations are of no more value at all, lah!

To those (Malay) offenders who have been involved in the cow head protest, may your Allah have mercy upon you (bodies and souls) and may he grant the very much sought pahala kepala to you, as the incident was happened during the early week of Muslim fasting month! (WhatA crap)min

Have a crappy fishing and hunting to all during this off day! August 31 and September 16 are just normal – forecasted to be another perfect days for fishing and hunting, lah


August 31, 2009 - Posted by | 04 Money Talk, 07 The Greatest Scam, 08 Malaysian Politics


  1. In future black parade, they should bring decapitated pig heads by grabbing its ears!

    Comment by 321 | September 1, 2009 | Reply

    • Pig heads?! What, another guinea pig experiment kah?

      I like it when RPK said, “Selamat Moodeka!

      321?! Ah, 1+3D better lah1+321!


      Comment by tiyungdayak | September 1, 2009 | Reply

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