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An article posted by S.Hh. this morning intrigued me. Yup, it’s about MAS’ hoo-hah. Anyway, I’m not an economist by training, so for those of you who happened to be in the same level with me, please bear with me; as I’m going to make an idiot’s guide to ECONS 101. I hope that Professor Dyaksblog will contribute further, in order to make it more understandable.

By the way, learning this subject will not guarantee you (and I) in becoming economic advisors – either to MAS, SALCRA, or whatever lah. Yeah, it would be fine – at least – if we can contribute towards making profits for our own business(es)!

So, MAS vs. Air Asia, huh? Ah, it’s too complex to be discussed. How about another public transportation – STC / Lanang Co. / Sg. Merah / Jepak buses vs. chartered taxis vs. pirate taxis?! Sounds good, so far?!

YAAaaaaWwwwwnnn…!!! I think we should stop here, lah. May I suggest that you should look for load factor vs. revenue per seat – quite interesting!

Make sure that your electronic paper assignment is of standard format – no plagiarism (please!), must have sections on introduction, …, references! If you don’t adhere to the standard writing guidelines, then read this!



September 2, 2009 - Posted by | 03 Miscellaneous, 04 Money Talk

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  1. MAS responses are currently being displayed at Malaysia Today:

    a. Response 1; and
    b. Response 2.

    This one also has something in common, with regards to the link given in the last paragraph of the above article.

    Comment by tiyungdayak | September 3, 2009 | Reply

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