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That bright yellow, humble substance in the food…

Two weeks ago, I went to visit my uncle at the Sarawak General Hospital (SGH), who has undergone a laser surgery. He is diagnosed with early stage of colon cancer and had his entire intestine removed! Luckily (and thanks be to God!), he survived and now began to familiarize himself with the new, plastic-based intestine.

I already knew about this bright yellow substance as a natural remedy against cancer cells, after I read about it somewhere in a magazine looooong time ago. The article was about the link between dietary habits among race-based Malaysians (the Malays, Chinese and Indians) and cancer. Well, it’s not a surprise for the Indians for being less affected by the disease due to their spicy diet. Yeah, the substance that I’m talking about is known as turmeric (or kunyit), a common (and humble) cooking ingredient used in Indian and other oriental cooking/cuisines.

I normally used turmeric powder to cook oilless fish and (wild) meat soup; fried (wild, mixed) vegetables and fried rice*, lah… But the better one is to be sourced from the tubers, and I guess that it is available at your own backyard, aye?! If not then, go and shop around at any vegetables market near you!

Turmeric tubers are very messy to prepare, as it will cause yellowish stain on your hands and other cooking utensils (especially the concrete pounder (or lesong batu)). But then, it’s fine whenever we think of its medicinal value. More than that, the tubers will add a fresh, aromatic smell to your food, lah

Another point to ponder: Have you ever think that the most expensive food available at any first class restaurant contained lots of dangerous chemicals in the food? Yup, it might tastes nice and will triggers your brain to consume all (or as much) as you can, but beware, especially in consuming a variety of sauces and other processed, meaty food.

Dislike (the ori) turmeric in your cooking?! Think again…

For your additional reading pleasure, click here and here.


* My favorite fried rice is to be mixed with curry and turmeric powder; unofficially known as “Nasi Goreng Khoon Yit Becarrii”… Phew!


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Welcome to “(Agri)Culture Club”, uhmmm… lady and gentlemen!

Wow! I guess that few of us have seen these sour apples, as shown below. I don’t know where it came from… Shall we call it the horny sour apple(s), kah?


My wild guess is this:

It could be that some species of South American birds have dropped by at our doorstep (on their way to Timbuktu) and dropped their droppings, lah. So, this kind of weird looking sour apple plant has grown there! Well, don’t ask me on this and that about the kind of bird species, OK!?

I chose these three fruits to represent the basic (or nucleus) family unit: parents and their only child in the family. Hmmmph, sounds interesting, huh?!

Yup, do enjoy the pics!

The horny sour apple fruits

I used a stapler as a scale to indicate the size of that “horny” sour apple fruits...

The horny sour apple plant

The “horny” sour apple plant – naturally grown at The Resident’s “official” residence, lah!

Up close and personal...

A close up view of the hanging, “horny” sour apple fruits...

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