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Argh, Do bye…

We all knew that the Middle East is sort of haven for every kind of migrant workers – from janitors, construction workers, nurses, engineers; you name it! Yup, we have heard about their monthly salaries from RM30K and above. Wow!, it’s nice to hear about that, since we can hardly earn that kind of money right here in (the middle of) Sarawak and anywhere else within Malaysia! Yup, for sure some guys out there will refresh their memories whenever they are listening to “Bujang Runggu Ensing” song by Ricky El a.k.a. Tuai Rumah Lat…

But now, I’m not sure whether the booming time for Dubai will be ended soon, as I got the following information from the Internet. Read here, here, here, here, here and here (read the readers’ variety of comments) for details.

Ooops! Got to go, folks! I’m doing some info hunting on resource development impact on local economy – on what’s resource coefficient, employment coefficient, etc.

Need some more?! Read here and here (again!)… L.O.L.!!!


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Aki Jus pan ulih gak!? (Grandpa George also can, what!?)

This morning, I had a glance at today’s Eastern Times headline at the news stand. Damn…

I grabbed my cell phone and sent the following messages to two colleagues of mine – Apai Dum and Akih Layang:

“Baru badu makai mi Kempua ba Endanemuendur tu, kih! Agi nganti krita siwa ka bejalai ngagai Ulukin tu… AKAI DAI! Agi ngangkat sumpah baru gak Aki Salah Udin nyadi Tiwaiti, kih! Nadai urang bukai! Aki Jus pan ulih gak nyadi baka nya, wai-wai FM… Haha!”

The English translation is more or less like this:

“(I) had Kampua noodle for breakfast just now at Nowhere, dude! (I’m) still waiting for the bus to go Downtown… DAMN! That old Grandpa Udin’s Fault has renewed his oath as the (new) Governor, dude! Nobody else (seems eligible for the post)! Grandpa George is also eligible for the post, man… Haha!”

Apai Dum’s reply:

“Au pia!? Lama ga d(é) nganti dia, kih… Legi ku madah Kentaki Jus ngambi minta nyadi TYT. (O)K meh kih, b(e)nung b(e)randau (e)nggau T(uai) R(umah) Gorila & ging di upis.

The English translation is more or less like this, lah

“Is it!? You’ve been waiting there for so long, dude… I’ll inform Grandpa George then to have him apply for the (Governor’s) post. OK dude, (I’m) having a meeting with Village Chief Gorila and gang in the office right now.”

Akih Layang’s reply:

“Enda ulih Aki Jus laban udah rabun ayam!”

The English translation:

“Grandpa George is not eligible (for the post), as he is short-sighted!”

Well, I’ve no more comment about the reappointment, lah… YaWwwwwnnn!

What a nice and cool place over here, as I’m staying at Ulukin’s Hotel California. I’ve nicknamed it as “Hotel Kari Ponia”, while my friend – Akih Layang – nicknamed it as “Utel Kuli Punya”… What the heck! L.O.L.!!!

Read the other headline here!

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You and I – do share that “common” dream, aye!?

I knew that some guys out there share that “common” dream – to own a house! Unfortunately, most of us can’t afford to buy an urban house costing more than RM50K… Yup, some of us are thinking about building country homes – providing that we have legal sites, stable income, etc. The main dilemma is how and where to get bank loan at an affordable price (i.e. in terms of eligibility, monthly repayment, etc.). This article serves as guidelines for guys who have an annual income of less than RM20K.

The REAL QUESTION is “How to ...?” (e.g. to live that dream, lah!)...

Well, don’t keep on losing that precious hair of yours by thinking so hard about the money! After you ascertain that you have a legal site for your future dream home, then you should come up with your pre-planned budget for the house, let say around RM15K – RM20K, including a rough sketch about the layout. About the layout, uhmmm… I think you should do it by sketching each cubic plot by 8 ft. x 8 ft. x 10 ft. or 10 ft. x 10 ft. x 10 ft. or 12 ft. x 12 ft. x 10 ft., whichever suits your needs, lah

The next step is to identify, consult and negotiate with the house building team (a master house builder with his two assistants would be enough) about the cost – possibly within your pre-planned budget. Never reveal the amount that you are going to spend, otherwise, the master house builder will choke you… L.O.L.!!!

The best thing is to ascertain that the house building team will be paid on daily pay basis; never let them to state their own contract fee, otherwise you’ll bite your finger in the end; meaning that your dream house is too costly to be built and out of the initial pre-planned budget. Once an agreement is reached, you should buy all the needed building materials and let them carry on with their construction works. In my kampong, the master house builder is paid between RM45.00 to RM50.00 per day, while his two assistants are paid between RM40.00 to RM45.00 per day.

A concrete house is preferable than a timber house. A Hoppus-ton (about 1.416 m³) of lumber will costs around RM3K – RM4K; so it’s not really worth the pre-planned budget. Can you imagine that a price of one Kapor lumber at 2 ft. x 4 ft. x 12 ft. is about RM70.00 (or more than that!), especially in Kuching hardware shops? Well, you might use lumber for the construction, maybe around 20% – 30% of the total costs.

I keep on thinking (ya lah, of course…) that I’m going to use varnished bamboo wall on the outside of the room(s) and then cover the inside room(s) with an inch thick plywood. And that would be nice, lah… Hmmmph! Do you know that bamboo (wall) panels are exported from China?

OK, let’s go back to the real issue here. I’ve made lots of internet search lately, as my gurl friend has been asking me on how to get the money to renovate their vintage family home. Is it by getting an EPF loan?! Well, that would possibly impossible!, as the procedures are too complex. I’ve checked with SPNB; this one is possibly impossible too! Aiya

To cut it short, I’ve found that Bank Rakyat and CIMB are the best choices in getting personal loan(s). But then, Bank Rakyat only caters its personal loan for private employees with minimum monthly salary of RM1.5K! This could be afforded by those guys with a monthly income of RM2.0K lah… Anyway, CIMB has made an attractive personal loan offer for private employees who have minimum monthly salary of RM800.00. I would be grateful if there’s any other attractive offer by other Malaysian local bank(s), but so far, only CIMB’s offer is da best!

So, for those who keep of dreaming about building and owning a home, you got it, man! I can assure you that with the right pre-planned budget and amount of loan to be made (including the trustworthy house building team), your dream house will become a reality within two months! Yup, the construction period really depends on available budget and the attitude of house building team; the house construction could be finished within 3.5 weeks or 2.5 months, lah

As they say, “A loooong journey starts with a single step!”; so, if you don’t make any move in getting your personal loan (from CIMB, of course!), it would possibly possible that your dream remains a dream and that house layout sketch(es) of yours would be eaten by the book bugs… L.O.L.!!!

One of my so many house layout sketches...

A-ha! A dream house for a family of four... Fuyoh!

I’m trying to imagine on how to collect rain water based on this roofing plan... Urban hydrologists always consider roofing as an artificial watershed to collect rain water for personal consumption...

So, here’s my dream house’s interior layout plan... It could be subjected to change – with approval – from the Home Minister, of course!

Bank Rakyat’s e-Personal Financing. The bank only caters personal loans for private employees who have minimum monthly wages at RM1.5K... Click the above image for details...

Calculations are made easy with this embedded financial calculator! Click the above image for details...

The current profit (interest) rate on any amount of loan to be repaid in the next 15 years, as imposed by Bank Rakyat is 5.85%... Click the above image for details...

OK, let say that you are determined to make a personal loan of RM15K and will repay for the next 15 years at the bank’s profit rate at 5.85%... Or, you can enter any value that you want using this financial calculator. Well, just click on the above image for details...

CIMB’s e-Personal Financing looks affordable for all non-gomen employees, as it caters personal loans for those who have minimum monthly wages at RM0.8K... Click the above image for details...

The monthly amount to be repaid (based on a RM15K personal loan; 5.85% profit rate; a 15-year repayment) is almost (or exactly) the same as Bank Rakyat’s... Click on the above image for details...

A guide to Base Lending Rate in Malaysia, with the current rate at 5.55%. Click on the above image for details...

Click on the above image for local and foreign banks’ latest BLR...

And I’m pretty sure that you’ve read this before…

Click on the above image to get the 2009 rate for ASB Financing...

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“Kernel’s” order?!

It might sound “ridiculous”, but most guys cook their own food, especially for those who are away from home, right! “Bravo!”, as some of them are excellent cooks compared to ladies… Oops!, I’m sorry to say that, ladies…

For amateur guy cooks, I’ve some tips for you. I learned it from my colleague – nicknamed “Colonel [kur-nl] James” – an excellent cook. It’s about how to make fried fish tastes like fried chicken, you know lah

Fry it with that infamous frying powder?!

Nay, that’s crappy!, coz it will get burn while frying…

Let’s do it with mackerel – locally known as “ikan sadin” – very tasty lah this kind of fish. One, whole fish will do – just for testing. In case the fish is frozen, just chop it into several pieces and put it inside a basin of water. After a while, clean it by removing all the non-edible parts. Toss (or drain out) the excess water from the fish for about half an hour…

Then put the pieces (the chopped fish) into a small basin; add a tablespoon full of salt, two tablespoons full of turmeric powder and a quarter of glass full of sieved, tamarind (ashom jowo) puree onto it (extracted from 4 – 5 fermented, pulpy seeds). Mix the ingredients with the fish – evenly. Then put it aside. That’s known as “marinade” (perap) – for about half an hour would be enough, lah. The tamarind acts as a castaway agent for that fishy smell, so have no worry about that. During this free time, you can do other things; for example, sweeping the floor or cleaning the dishes (Gosh…) or whatever that suits your time best, lah!

Owh, by the way… don’t forget to cover that marinade fish in the bowl – either with a plate or put it under the food cover (tudong saji) – to avoid flies and/or being stolen by that crappy, neighbour’s cat (if any!)…

When all is done, then get an egg; smack (read about “batter” in cooking) and stir it in a bowl. For how long?! Gosh…

Then, put some corn starch (tepong jagong) into another bowl; a mug full would be enough, lah.

Dip the fish – piece by piece – into the stirred egg. Make sure that the egg will fully cover the whole piece.

Then, cover the piece with some corn starch, until it looks like Maikel Jéksen; I mean the piece is dry with a whitish look, lah. Pale color will do no good, lah. And that’s the main purpose of using stirred egg (or two eggs) – in order to coat the pieces with corn starch… L.O.L.!!! Yup, get it all done and arrange it nicely on a (ceramic) plate. That’s how every professional chéf do, lah

Then, fry some cooking oil in a wok over a small fire; a frying pan will do, for sure. Put the first whitish piece into the oil after it’s getting hotter (simmering); fry it for about 1 – 2 minutes. Then put another piece; also fry it for about 1 – 2 minutes before you put another one, until the frying cooking oil have covers (part of) the pieces. Each piece needs to be fried for about 6 – 7 minutes (until the color is golden brown, lah!). Make sure that each piece is to be flipped over (turn it upside and down), so that it won’t get burned, lah

After frying some pieces (wait until it cools down), then make a sampling or two…

How is the taste like?!















Yup, I’ve told you already… Crispy, tender, not too salty (and also not too sour, aye!?), savory, mouthful – you name it! So, next time, do call (or text (SMSes/MMSes)) your mom, sister(s) and gal friend(s) – immediately – that you now can beat them – in cooking (or frying fish), of course! L.O.L.!!! For sure, their very common reply would be “Huh?! Aaaaa…” (sounds like they are less interested to know that you’ve done that!)…

So, happy cooking, guys! After frying/cooking, don’t forget to do the general cleaning; don’t leave everything behind – especially the sink! Clear the sink, so that it would be in a good working order! Yup, and that’s AN ORDER!

Hmmm... I could imagine that my gurl friend would say “Yummy, yummy!” – whenever she sees this photo, lah...

Don’t just stare; go and buy one!, and try it today, lah!

The above recipe is fully endorsed by the self-taught chéf... L.O.L.!!!

By the way, do eat more fish and less (red) meat. Do you know that fish is a good source of making Gen-X XY chromosome? And if you eat more chicken and other red meat, for sure you are making Gen-X XX chromosome… This statement is true enough – based on proven, scientific studies. Read about the benefits of fish consumption here, here, here, here, here, here and here for details.

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Tracing back that “one-thing” hoo-haas…

This morning, I had my daily routine done in accordance to one of Catholic traditions. And I had encountered the following passage in the first reading:
… Antiochus issued a decree to his whole kingdom. All the peoples of his empire had to renounce their particular customs and become one people. …” (1 Maccabees 1: 41 – 42)

A-ha! That’s mean the hoo-haas about the “one-here, one-there; banned-this one, banned-that one, etc.” can be traced back to the year 175 B.C., lah! Gosh, it does have similarity though…

So, to my Christian brothers and sisters, have courage to live life to the fullest and keep the faith, as our Lord JC always reminds us to “pray continually and not to lose heart” (Luke 18: 1)…

Additional readings: here, here and here.

May God bless our beloved Sarawak and us all… Amen +

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“Partyless”?! You bet!

Nay, I’m not in the mood to discuss on who’s who in the new state cabinet line-up…

I just want to show you some of the photos taken by my friend last night, captured using his NOKIA™ N95 cell phone. Thanks to him and my other friends for not inviting me to their wWw.WiLd_PaRty@Sa(L)vageGarden last night, for they had organized another final blow on Tora BoraL.O.L.!!!

By the way, I just passed by that Tora Bora and I can see a pair of hornets hovering around their ruined nest(s)!

Do enjoy the photos as shown below. If you have doubts on what’s this and that; click:

  1. here;
  2. here;
  3. here;
  4. here;
  5. here;
  6. here;
  7. here;
  8. here;
  9. here;

10.  here; and

11.  here for details…



The priceless trophies – the ruined, clustered hornet nests and its damned, future inhabitants – looted from that Tora Bora cavern...


The black brownish, dead pupae (or pupas) that were trapped inside the burnt clustered nests during first, second, third and fourth Ops Bunker...


Other priceless, looted trophies... Do I see gold over there? L.O.L.!!!


Yup, this is the priceless, “golden” hornet larva...


My friends really “enjoyed” themselves last night @ Sa(L)vage Garden BBQ Party, where they had grilled/roasted some hornet larvas over a fire! It’s edible, anyway; another source of “not-so-easy-to-get” supplement of wild protein (duh!), just like honey bee larvas. But... nay, I would prefer either smoke or fried sago weevil larvas for dinner, lah! Why?! That hornet larvas were collected after been “flamethrown” with insecticide aerosols, what...?!, even though the larvas were well protected inside its sacs... Aiya! I’m such a lucky guy, though... Kuuuuurrrrr s’mangat!

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Been chased by a “killer lady” that rode a Vespa!

November 5, 2009 (1625 hours)…

On my way home after plucking some Midin (Fiddlehead ferns) (Stenochlaena palustris) to be cooked for dinner, I had been chased by this single, “killer lady”. I struggled and fought hard with it, but in the end, that “killer lady” won!

How nice!, as I got stung in the head – stung for the second time – by the same, “lone killer lady”. A “killer lady”?, as some of you might get your brains boggling… Well, think of a phrase “killer whale”; so, “killer lady” is totally different from “lady killer”, lah!

I knew that I’ve encroached into its territory while looking for that tasty, edible ferns. Yup, I passed by the nest(s) – located inside the hollow, abandoned log(s). I quickly threw my cigarette, knowing that the killer ladies are sensitive to smoke, odour (any kind of mineral-based odour – either from fuel, perfume, etc.), including any bright color (T-)shirts. About the smoke; I’ve experienced it when I first got stung in the wrist while puffing a cigarette after lunch – and that was happened on September 13, 2006! Yup, it has been a looong three years…

The venom – whenever it enters into the body – is akin to a knife slicing our own skin and it was very painful. I took two tablets of Panadol™ to reduce the pain, but it wasn’t effective. I called my friends to give me some traditional medicine – in the form of a bark. This bark was made known by the Penans; they called it “Penan Selungo”, but unfortunately, the scientific name that could refer to this bark or of that particular tree species remained unknown. The Penans use that bark to treat stomach ache and most importantly, to reduce the pain caused by snake venom… However, whenever there’s a need to use this bark, it must be done in a secret manner; meaning that one shouldn’t boast about it. Just do it nice and easy, i.e. by chewing a bit of the bark and swallow it down. Otherwise, it won’t be effective!

Yup, I did chew some of the bark and made it into a drink – mixed with BOH™ tea. The time was already in the evening and I felt relaxed and prepared my dinner. After dinner, I called my mom and told her on what had happened to me in the afternoon. She told me that the insects are known – loosely translated as the “Pig’s Tongue”. The Malay called it “Tebuan” or “Tebuan Tanah”; in Iban?! Hmmm, I only knew its name as “Indu Utai” (abbreviated as “IU”) – loosely translated as “Lady of something”; in English, it is known as “hornet(s)” or could it specifically refers to “Asian Giant Hornet(s) (AGH)”? The National Geographic (or NatGeo) also has its own online reference materials about these AGH, here.

Around 2100 hours, the pain in my head was very sharp; I couldn’t stand it anymore. I took another two Panadol™ tablets, still it wasn’t effective. I kept on thinking (on what to do next), until I got another idea! A-ha! I grabbed my cell phone and called my kampong mate, who works as an AMO (Assistant Medical Officer) in a nearby town. So, here is our conversation on that night:

Myself : O’ lutor… Nama brita déh?! (Hi, doc! How are you?)
My AMO friend : Paguh… Oni hal ingan fon oku adin tih? Oku ogi download movie tih; movie Maikél Jéksen – “This Is It” (I’m fine… What’s the matter for ringin’ me up? I’m downloading Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” movie right now.)
Myself : Wey, I wanna ask you something, lah! I got stung by a hornet this afternoon. Is there any powerful drug to reduce the pain? I’m thinking of taking a leave tomorrow to get a treatment at a nearby clinic…
My AMO friend : What?! Argh, take it easy, lah. Do you have a cough syrup or flu med with you right now?
Myself : What?!
My AMO friend : A cough syrup or flu med… That medication contained anti-histamine. You go online and check for “histamine” and “anti-histamine”; I think there’s a reference on it.
Myself : Cough syrup?! Flu med?! Hold on a sec!

Seconds later…

Myself : Yup, I got one; but this one is a cough syrup… It’s NILCO Syrup… I got it from you earlier this year, remember?! The flu med was consumed looong time ago, lah
My AMO friend : Ya kah? (Is it?)
Myself : Ya lah… How come, a cough syrup?! And what is this “histamine”? I knew the name but never know its meaning, lah
My AMO friend : Aiya… “histamine” lah… Sort of allergy or painful venom, you know…
Myself : But this syrup… it contains, uhmmm… Di… phen; Di-phen-hydra… mine; yup, Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride… Can it be used or not?
My AMO friend : I’m not sure; unless it contains Chlorphenamine Maleate a.k.a. Piriton or Promethazine Hydrochloride a.k.a. Phenergan. These two ingredients are effective in battling such pain, you know… Better for you to check it on the internet.
Myself : Wokey lah; I’ll try this cough syrup first!
My AMO friend : Wokey!

I was in doubt actually! How come a cough syrup can be used to reduce such pain? Anyway, I took a gulp of it – around 2115 hours. Moments later, I logged on to the internet and Googled-search the keyword “histamine”. Yeah, I found it! Most of the following information was found in Wikipedia: Histamine, Anti-Histamine (this is where I’ve found that Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride can be used to treat bee/hornet sting, including other allergens (e.g. Rengas latex)), Chlorphenamine Maleate, Promethazine Hydrochloride, etc.

Moments later, I rang my AMO friend again…

Myself : Hi, doc? Are you sleeping already, kah?!
My AMO friend : Not yet, lah… I’m still downloading the movie
Myself : Owh… You know what?!
My AMO friend : What?!
Myself : I got the information that you gave me just now. Wah, now I know that… that NILCO cough syrup can be used as a sedative, as it contained Di-phen-hy-dra-mine… I had taken a gulp just now.
My AMO friend : I’ve told you already. With internet, everything also got, what… That’s the power of internet!
Myself : Chéh! Héh!
My AMO friend : So, how was it?
Myself : Not yet sure, lah. Have to wait, lah! Wokey, we’ll see on what’s going to happen tomorrow…
My AMO friend : Wokey, I hope that you’re doing fine over there.
Myself : Wokey; chalo béti inspéktor sa’ab… Héh!

I slept around 2245 hours; still got pain in my head! Around 0215 hours, I woke up to ease myself. Wah… I felt a little bit better – after I took a gulp of that cough syrup earlier. I then took another gulp, and went on sleeping…

Nilco 01

A locally manufactured NILCO (Cough) Syrup 90 ml. My AMO friend gave it to me early this year; believe it or not, most people usually got flu whenever a new year begins!

Nilco 02

Shown in the label: Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride 14 mg...

The next morning, I woke up late – at 0740 hours! I was late for work, aiya! This was due to the effect of the drug that caused drowsiness… Anyway, everything was fine, as the pain in my head was 99.9% gone; except that my face was still swollen… There’s no doubt that Panadol™ didn’t help much in relieve the pain, as Paracetamol is not anti-histamine!

Ted - Post bite...

A sketch (redrawn from a digital photograph) of my not-so-handsome, swollen face due to a fiery, painful venom injected by that speedy and bloody “killer lady” on November 5, 2009! My wild guess was this: apart from cigarette odour, the other reason for the attack was due to long hair that I’m keeping! I remembered that I’ve poured some baby oil on my hair on that day – in order to make it smooth and shiny, lah! Yeah, it could be that the lone killer lady thought (if any!) that such a nice and sweet smelling long hair could be another good place for nesting... L.O.L.!!!

That morning, with my swollen head and face, I had faced my colleagues (both males and females) with an opened eyelid, as I hardly opened the other eyelid. And during our morning coffee meeting, I knew it from them that the Ibans called those insects, collectively known as “Indu Gamang” or loosely translated as “Lady Gamang”; hence, the name “killer lady(ies)” was born (and known – internationally!)…

If you read that Wikipedia article (on Asian Giant Hornet(s)), you might wondering whether the Italians have named their famous scooters – “Vespa” – based on the genus name of that species, right?! Exactly! Well, it could be true, based on hornets’ humming sound and their flying speed up to 40 km/h! Phew…! Read about Vespa scooters here.

These hornets – whenever they are “kamikazéing” in a group – could cause fatal injury(ies) to the victim(s). Barely a month ago, a sister and her brother died due to hornets’ attack; an act of negligence from the authorities concerned! Read the following links:

  1. Dua maut diserang tebuan (Utusan Borneo, 5 Oktober 2009); and
  2. Penduduk dakwa aduan tidak dapat respons (Utusan Borneo, 6 Oktober 2009). And more recent and old local news about such attacks are available here!

Our demolition team – led by my boss – has destroyed the hornets’ clustered nests – partially – in a cleansing operation, code named Operation Bunker around 2130 hours on November 7, 2009. They made a huge fire next to the clustered nests (using a worn out rubber tube, old newspaper and few litres of diesel fuel), as these hornets were attracted to light. These clustered nests were located inside hollow logs and it does resemble that infamous Tora Bora! Additional items used in the operation were insecticide aerosols and lighters – used as improvised flamethrowers!

According to my boss, hornets couldn’t fly at night due to darkness. So, whenever they fly into the fire, some might be dead and some might get burnt and wingless (and some could still be alive!). So, in case that some of the hornets are alive after the “baptism of fire”, they’ll crawl on the ground like ants (if any!)… Are you daring enough to stamp these wingless creatures with your foot?! Of course, yes you can!, providing that you wear either a long rubber boots or safety boots!

I managed to get few photos during the cleansing operation, which are shown below:


One of my colleagues is shown here doing flamethrowing using an insecticide aerosol...


Three of the fallen comrades...


A survived, wingless hornet shown in a yellow circle...


Wow! This cleansing operation was akin to military operations in Tora Bora cave complex...


A close-up view of some dead hornets in their “cavern” after the flamethrowing process...


This hornet was still alive when I took this photograph; later it was executed by my boss with a parang...


A close-up view of some of the collected specimens...


The above photo reminds me of the good old days when I took a general study on insects -- Entomology 101. I’ve divided the specimens into two general sections: adults and juveniles (including some larvae nested inside the nest). A ruler is a must to determine the scale (length and width) of any insect.


In this photo, the adults’ length was more than an inch; note that dangerous stingers. Here it is shown that these hornets were black or brownish in color with an orange stripe...


Another Gen-X, juvenile hornet...

Based on the available dead specimens, the hornet species wasn’t Vespa mandarinia or Vespa soror. I’ve checked the internet and I can be sure that the destroyed species belongs to Vespa affinis, commonly known as “Lesser Banded Hornet”. Click here, here and here for details.

At the time of finishing this article (around 0845 hours on November 8, 2009), I’m happy to jot down that my swollen face has shrunk up to 69.9% lah… Hopefully it will be fully recovered within a day or two! However, I can still see some of the hornets are hovering around this morning. Well, I’m not sure whether there will be any subsequent Ops Bunker to follow suit…

To conclude, there are four things to be learnt:

  1. Try to avoid any contact (whatsoever) with these deadliest creatures (and don’t try to play-play, uh!); unless if you are daring enough and determined to destroy its nest(s) – to be done only during night time;
  2. Stockpile your First Aid kit(s) – either with cough or flu syrup that contained anti-histamine such as Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride (Chlorphenamine Maleate a.k.a. Piriton or Promethazine Hydrochloride a.k.a. Phenergan are mostly preferred); whenever and wherever you go (especially to the farm, jungle, recreational park(s), etc.); this also includes an insect repellent spray – to be sprayed upon the “attacked spot(s)” on the body (a tip given by my cousin, who is a staff nurse at SGH);
  3. In case of being attack by hornet(s), drink plenty of plain water (after taking the medicine) to help in “neutralizing” the venom and to ease in flushing out the waste water (containing neutralized venom); and
  4. The ICT (Information and Communication Technology) plays a vital role in getting first-hand and hands-on information, lah


My heartfelt thanks to:

  1. Some of the killer ladies, who had died in the cause of justice; for they had fought a good fight; may they rest in peace…
  2. All my friends, who have contributed their ideas and directed their energies in making this cleansing program a foundation of success

Otherwise, this article will not even exist!

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