Tiyung Dayak – “The Sour Dayak Apple” in Bidayuh Politics

For the Greater Glory of Bidayuh Politics

“Partyless”?! You bet!

Nay, I’m not in the mood to discuss on who’s who in the new state cabinet line-up…

I just want to show you some of the photos taken by my friend last night, captured using his NOKIA™ N95 cell phone. Thanks to him and my other friends for not inviting me to their wWw.WiLd_PaRty@Sa(L)vageGarden last night, for they had organized another final blow on Tora BoraL.O.L.!!!

By the way, I just passed by that Tora Bora and I can see a pair of hornets hovering around their ruined nest(s)!

Do enjoy the photos as shown below. If you have doubts on what’s this and that; click:

  1. here;
  2. here;
  3. here;
  4. here;
  5. here;
  6. here;
  7. here;
  8. here;
  9. here;

10.  here; and

11.  here for details…



The priceless trophies – the ruined, clustered hornet nests and its damned, future inhabitants – looted from that Tora Bora cavern...


The black brownish, dead pupae (or pupas) that were trapped inside the burnt clustered nests during first, second, third and fourth Ops Bunker...


Other priceless, looted trophies... Do I see gold over there? L.O.L.!!!


Yup, this is the priceless, “golden” hornet larva...


My friends really “enjoyed” themselves last night @ Sa(L)vage Garden BBQ Party, where they had grilled/roasted some hornet larvas over a fire! It’s edible, anyway; another source of “not-so-easy-to-get” supplement of wild protein (duh!), just like honey bee larvas. But... nay, I would prefer either smoke or fried sago weevil larvas for dinner, lah! Why?! That hornet larvas were collected after been “flamethrown” with insecticide aerosols, what...?!, even though the larvas were well protected inside its sacs... Aiya! I’m such a lucky guy, though... Kuuuuurrrrr s’mangat!


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