Tiyung Dayak – “The Sour Dayak Apple” in Bidayuh Politics

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“Kernel’s” order?!

It might sound “ridiculous”, but most guys cook their own food, especially for those who are away from home, right! “Bravo!”, as some of them are excellent cooks compared to ladies… Oops!, I’m sorry to say that, ladies…

For amateur guy cooks, I’ve some tips for you. I learned it from my colleague – nicknamed “Colonel [kur-nl] James” – an excellent cook. It’s about how to make fried fish tastes like fried chicken, you know lah

Fry it with that infamous frying powder?!

Nay, that’s crappy!, coz it will get burn while frying…

Let’s do it with mackerel – locally known as “ikan sadin” – very tasty lah this kind of fish. One, whole fish will do – just for testing. In case the fish is frozen, just chop it into several pieces and put it inside a basin of water. After a while, clean it by removing all the non-edible parts. Toss (or drain out) the excess water from the fish for about half an hour…

Then put the pieces (the chopped fish) into a small basin; add a tablespoon full of salt, two tablespoons full of turmeric powder and a quarter of glass full of sieved, tamarind (ashom jowo) puree onto it (extracted from 4 – 5 fermented, pulpy seeds). Mix the ingredients with the fish – evenly. Then put it aside. That’s known as “marinade” (perap) – for about half an hour would be enough, lah. The tamarind acts as a castaway agent for that fishy smell, so have no worry about that. During this free time, you can do other things; for example, sweeping the floor or cleaning the dishes (Gosh…) or whatever that suits your time best, lah!

Owh, by the way… don’t forget to cover that marinade fish in the bowl – either with a plate or put it under the food cover (tudong saji) – to avoid flies and/or being stolen by that crappy, neighbour’s cat (if any!)…

When all is done, then get an egg; smack (read about “batter” in cooking) and stir it in a bowl. For how long?! Gosh…

Then, put some corn starch (tepong jagong) into another bowl; a mug full would be enough, lah.

Dip the fish – piece by piece – into the stirred egg. Make sure that the egg will fully cover the whole piece.

Then, cover the piece with some corn starch, until it looks like Maikel Jéksen; I mean the piece is dry with a whitish look, lah. Pale color will do no good, lah. And that’s the main purpose of using stirred egg (or two eggs) – in order to coat the pieces with corn starch… L.O.L.!!! Yup, get it all done and arrange it nicely on a (ceramic) plate. That’s how every professional chéf do, lah

Then, fry some cooking oil in a wok over a small fire; a frying pan will do, for sure. Put the first whitish piece into the oil after it’s getting hotter (simmering); fry it for about 1 – 2 minutes. Then put another piece; also fry it for about 1 – 2 minutes before you put another one, until the frying cooking oil have covers (part of) the pieces. Each piece needs to be fried for about 6 – 7 minutes (until the color is golden brown, lah!). Make sure that each piece is to be flipped over (turn it upside and down), so that it won’t get burned, lah

After frying some pieces (wait until it cools down), then make a sampling or two…

How is the taste like?!















Yup, I’ve told you already… Crispy, tender, not too salty (and also not too sour, aye!?), savory, mouthful – you name it! So, next time, do call (or text (SMSes/MMSes)) your mom, sister(s) and gal friend(s) – immediately – that you now can beat them – in cooking (or frying fish), of course! L.O.L.!!! For sure, their very common reply would be “Huh?! Aaaaa…” (sounds like they are less interested to know that you’ve done that!)…

So, happy cooking, guys! After frying/cooking, don’t forget to do the general cleaning; don’t leave everything behind – especially the sink! Clear the sink, so that it would be in a good working order! Yup, and that’s AN ORDER!

Hmmm... I could imagine that my gurl friend would say “Yummy, yummy!” – whenever she sees this photo, lah...

Don’t just stare; go and buy one!, and try it today, lah!

The above recipe is fully endorsed by the self-taught chéf... L.O.L.!!!

By the way, do eat more fish and less (red) meat. Do you know that fish is a good source of making Gen-X XY chromosome? And if you eat more chicken and other red meat, for sure you are making Gen-X XX chromosome… This statement is true enough – based on proven, scientific studies. Read about the benefits of fish consumption here, here, here, here, here, here and here for details.


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