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You and I – do share that “common” dream, aye!?

I knew that some guys out there share that “common” dream – to own a house! Unfortunately, most of us can’t afford to buy an urban house costing more than RM50K… Yup, some of us are thinking about building country homes – providing that we have legal sites, stable income, etc. The main dilemma is how and where to get bank loan at an affordable price (i.e. in terms of eligibility, monthly repayment, etc.). This article serves as guidelines for guys who have an annual income of less than RM20K.

The REAL QUESTION is “How to ...?” (e.g. to live that dream, lah!)...

Well, don’t keep on losing that precious hair of yours by thinking so hard about the money! After you ascertain that you have a legal site for your future dream home, then you should come up with your pre-planned budget for the house, let say around RM15K – RM20K, including a rough sketch about the layout. About the layout, uhmmm… I think you should do it by sketching each cubic plot by 8 ft. x 8 ft. x 10 ft. or 10 ft. x 10 ft. x 10 ft. or 12 ft. x 12 ft. x 10 ft., whichever suits your needs, lah

The next step is to identify, consult and negotiate with the house building team (a master house builder with his two assistants would be enough) about the cost – possibly within your pre-planned budget. Never reveal the amount that you are going to spend, otherwise, the master house builder will choke you… L.O.L.!!!

The best thing is to ascertain that the house building team will be paid on daily pay basis; never let them to state their own contract fee, otherwise you’ll bite your finger in the end; meaning that your dream house is too costly to be built and out of the initial pre-planned budget. Once an agreement is reached, you should buy all the needed building materials and let them carry on with their construction works. In my kampong, the master house builder is paid between RM45.00 to RM50.00 per day, while his two assistants are paid between RM40.00 to RM45.00 per day.

A concrete house is preferable than a timber house. A Hoppus-ton (about 1.416 m³) of lumber will costs around RM3K – RM4K; so it’s not really worth the pre-planned budget. Can you imagine that a price of one Kapor lumber at 2 ft. x 4 ft. x 12 ft. is about RM70.00 (or more than that!), especially in Kuching hardware shops? Well, you might use lumber for the construction, maybe around 20% – 30% of the total costs.

I keep on thinking (ya lah, of course…) that I’m going to use varnished bamboo wall on the outside of the room(s) and then cover the inside room(s) with an inch thick plywood. And that would be nice, lah… Hmmmph! Do you know that bamboo (wall) panels are exported from China?

OK, let’s go back to the real issue here. I’ve made lots of internet search lately, as my gurl friend has been asking me on how to get the money to renovate their vintage family home. Is it by getting an EPF loan?! Well, that would possibly impossible!, as the procedures are too complex. I’ve checked with SPNB; this one is possibly impossible too! Aiya

To cut it short, I’ve found that Bank Rakyat and CIMB are the best choices in getting personal loan(s). But then, Bank Rakyat only caters its personal loan for private employees with minimum monthly salary of RM1.5K! This could be afforded by those guys with a monthly income of RM2.0K lah… Anyway, CIMB has made an attractive personal loan offer for private employees who have minimum monthly salary of RM800.00. I would be grateful if there’s any other attractive offer by other Malaysian local bank(s), but so far, only CIMB’s offer is da best!

So, for those who keep of dreaming about building and owning a home, you got it, man! I can assure you that with the right pre-planned budget and amount of loan to be made (including the trustworthy house building team), your dream house will become a reality within two months! Yup, the construction period really depends on available budget and the attitude of house building team; the house construction could be finished within 3.5 weeks or 2.5 months, lah

As they say, “A loooong journey starts with a single step!”; so, if you don’t make any move in getting your personal loan (from CIMB, of course!), it would possibly possible that your dream remains a dream and that house layout sketch(es) of yours would be eaten by the book bugs… L.O.L.!!!

One of my so many house layout sketches...

A-ha! A dream house for a family of four... Fuyoh!

I’m trying to imagine on how to collect rain water based on this roofing plan... Urban hydrologists always consider roofing as an artificial watershed to collect rain water for personal consumption...

So, here’s my dream house’s interior layout plan... It could be subjected to change – with approval – from the Home Minister, of course!

Bank Rakyat’s e-Personal Financing. The bank only caters personal loans for private employees who have minimum monthly wages at RM1.5K... Click the above image for details...

Calculations are made easy with this embedded financial calculator! Click the above image for details...

The current profit (interest) rate on any amount of loan to be repaid in the next 15 years, as imposed by Bank Rakyat is 5.85%... Click the above image for details...

OK, let say that you are determined to make a personal loan of RM15K and will repay for the next 15 years at the bank’s profit rate at 5.85%... Or, you can enter any value that you want using this financial calculator. Well, just click on the above image for details...

CIMB’s e-Personal Financing looks affordable for all non-gomen employees, as it caters personal loans for those who have minimum monthly wages at RM0.8K... Click the above image for details...

The monthly amount to be repaid (based on a RM15K personal loan; 5.85% profit rate; a 15-year repayment) is almost (or exactly) the same as Bank Rakyat’s... Click on the above image for details...

A guide to Base Lending Rate in Malaysia, with the current rate at 5.55%. Click on the above image for details...

Click on the above image for local and foreign banks’ latest BLR...

And I’m pretty sure that you’ve read this before…

Click on the above image to get the 2009 rate for ASB Financing...


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  1. And again, CIMB’s offer for ASB Loan Refinancing is quite attractive!

    Comment by tiyungdayak | December 1, 2009 | Reply

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