Tiyung Dayak – “The Sour Dayak Apple” in Bidayuh Politics

For the Greater Glory of Bidayuh Politics

Aki Jus pan ulih gak!? (Grandpa George also can, what!?)

This morning, I had a glance at today’s Eastern Times headline at the news stand. Damn…

I grabbed my cell phone and sent the following messages to two colleagues of mine – Apai Dum and Akih Layang:

“Baru badu makai mi Kempua ba Endanemuendur tu, kih! Agi nganti krita siwa ka bejalai ngagai Ulukin tu… AKAI DAI! Agi ngangkat sumpah baru gak Aki Salah Udin nyadi Tiwaiti, kih! Nadai urang bukai! Aki Jus pan ulih gak nyadi baka nya, wai-wai FM… Haha!”

The English translation is more or less like this:

“(I) had Kampua noodle for breakfast just now at Nowhere, dude! (I’m) still waiting for the bus to go Downtown… DAMN! That old Grandpa Udin’s Fault has renewed his oath as the (new) Governor, dude! Nobody else (seems eligible for the post)! Grandpa George is also eligible for the post, man… Haha!”

Apai Dum’s reply:

“Au pia!? Lama ga d(é) nganti dia, kih… Legi ku madah Kentaki Jus ngambi minta nyadi TYT. (O)K meh kih, b(e)nung b(e)randau (e)nggau T(uai) R(umah) Gorila & ging di upis.

The English translation is more or less like this, lah

“Is it!? You’ve been waiting there for so long, dude… I’ll inform Grandpa George then to have him apply for the (Governor’s) post. OK dude, (I’m) having a meeting with Village Chief Gorila and gang in the office right now.”

Akih Layang’s reply:

“Enda ulih Aki Jus laban udah rabun ayam!”

The English translation:

“Grandpa George is not eligible (for the post), as he is short-sighted!”

Well, I’ve no more comment about the reappointment, lah… YaWwwwwnnn!

What a nice and cool place over here, as I’m staying at Ulukin’s Hotel California. I’ve nicknamed it as “Hotel Kari Ponia”, while my friend – Akih Layang – nicknamed it as “Utel Kuli Punya”… What the heck! L.O.L.!!!

Read the other headline here!


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