Tiyung Dayak – “The Sour Dayak Apple” in Bidayuh Politics

For the Greater Glory of Bidayuh Politics

Jéng, Jenk, Jãng…!!!

As Christmas 2009 and New Year 2010 are approaching, so I would like to wish all my global readers (if any, lah!)…


… AnD jOy 2 D wOrLd …


See you all next year, folks! God willing, Insya Allah


It doesn’t matter (and of course, it didn’t make any sense!), even if the RMAF FE-5 TIGERsyak’s RM50 million jet engine got stolen, as long as MASWINGS’ flight is available, lah!


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The “3Rs” – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle…

Nah! You’ve heard (and read) about this slogan countless of time, right…

So, today’s tip is exactly will touch on that! I know that some guys out there are struggling in doing their paper assignments; and I’m sure that some might have mental block… My other wild guess is that, even Dato’ Temenggong is also scratching his head right now… L.O.L.!!! Good luck in your study, kih!

What I want to share with you guys is this: with the advance of ICT, most reference materials are now documented in Portable Document Format (PDF). And if you’re using MS Word 2007, you can convert the file(s) into PDF, and it’s very convenient to use. The beauty of PDF is all about WYSWYG. Anyway, you can download it here.

After the PDF, and then what?!, as some of you might want to know… Aiyah, ilek² bah!

Since I mentioned earlier that most reference materials are documented in PDF, so here comes the BIG problem – printing the documents… If you don’t pay full attention on it, then it might costs you your monthly food allowance, what!? Ooops, I borrowed that catch phrase from this grandma – no harm was done, I guess! L.O.L.!!!

Most printers are now capable of printing documents in booklet style, I guess! So, that’s the first point – reduce! And most printers couldn’t print in reverse, unless you “force” it to do so, which is quite tedious lah. Most of the time, the one-page printed A4 papers will be gone into waste… And imagine that there were reams of A4 paper gone into waste! Therefore, here comes the second point – reuse! Yup, right… reuse that paper by recycling it for the next printing job, as if you’re going to print the draft(s) only lah!

The recycled A4 paper... Well, you can print the back page for your drafted document; so it’s no big deal!

Well, if you’re well equipped, then these things might be useful lah

A paper cutter and a hole puncher...

A Maikel Jéksen’s black and (or) white laser jet printer would be good enough for the (print) job! Shown here is Xerox Phaser 3115 laser jet printer. I think the price is down already, but I’m not sure about the latest price. In fact, you can use the cheap, refill toner too... By the way, paper alignment could be different for every printer; or could it be the same?! In this photo, the printed pages are facing the top, so that the blank pages will get printed.

I’ll show you the difference in a short while, as we are now going to do a sampling… Make sure that you have retrieved the PDF file (and of course, you’re going to print it). OK then, let’s print it out…

The PDF file for the day – ready to be printed...

Before printing, choose “Page Scaling: Booklet Printing”, as shown in the “Preview: Composite”... After all is set, then click “OK” to print lah...

After printing is done, you can get a paper cutter to cut the printed pages into halves and then rearrange it. Rearrangement of printed pages depends on how many pages of the printed documents that you have. It might be tedious to do the rearrangement for such a bulky document – like this “SCORE: An overview”, lah! After the rearrangement, you can staple it or use a hole puncher to make holes before tying it with a (knitting) thread. For a bulky document, a gun tacker (or staple gun) is recommended to staple all the pages. See the difference between printed copies of using full-page and booklet (half-page) options below:

Printed copies of “SCORE: An overview” brochure using a full-page and booklet options. The booklet copy looks cute and handy, compared to the full-page copy...

By the way, the cut, blank non-printed pages can also be used (recycled, of course!); staple it and use as sketch/notebooks. It could help in maintaining the almost zero waste; and now you’ll have an extra, monthly food (?!) allowance, uh… L.O.L.!!!

Let’s go back and discuss about this “SCORE: An overview” brochure. In fact, I’ve lots of comments about the contents quality of the brochure. Why?

The reasons are aplenty:

  1. out of 144 printed pages, 19 pages (13%) are totally useless;
  2. out of these 19 pages, 2 pages are repeated pages from Pages 16 and 17; and the other 17 pages are colorful chapter dividers;
  3. the typesetting (or contents arrangement) of that brochure is really the worst!;
  4. the company and/or sub-companies that did the printing jobs (for that brochures) had cheated the gomen of the day – they did put that useless pages so as to make it bulky; which has finally led to bulkie rolls (in terms of payment for these culprits!);
  5. the contents pages are not well put in place (some pages have page numbers, some are not!);
  6. insufficient information on some of the attached photos (no need to put lots of photos lah if they don’t know how to describe or put any relevant information about it… Aiyah!);
  7. that brochure goes unedited (“copy and paste” type of job); and
  8. I think that’s all (for now) lah!

Yeah, right… That’s politics of debolotment, folks!


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Time of the year…

Wahlau wéh…

Whenever I log on into my WORDPRESS.COM, there is snow flowing falling down from heaven! L.O.L.!!!

Yup, ‘tis the season, aye… But then, in reality, we got so much rain during this festive season, lah!

Wuiyo… I’m getting ready and looking towards it. I really missed the get-together sessions with my families and friends…

Just like other working guys, I’m counting on how much resource will be allocated by my boss for FYE 2009… Is it three months?! Or one month only…?! Argh, blame it (again) on Do bye

Whatever, lah! The most important thing is to make way for the party, YEAH!

And “Happy Pre-Christmas” to all…

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