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The TIGER BEER will be increased up to 0.3%?! Aiya…!!!

Wishing all my friends and readers a “HAPPY NEW YEAR OF THE TIGER 2010” – wherever they might be, lah… May your 2010 resolutions would come into a reality!

Well, it won’t be a surprise (anymore) that more items would be pricey beginning from this New Year. But what to do, that’s life!

For ASB investors, the year 2009 gave them a slightly increase in return on investment (ROI), i.e. an increase of 0.3% dividend* of 7.3%, as compared to 2008’s dividend rate of 7.0%.

Basic calculation for ROI is as follows:

ROI = 7.3%/100% x 100 Malaysian cents = 7.3 Malaysian cents (or RM0.073) for every RM1.00 (or 100 Malaysian cents) per unit share.

Will the rate is going down below 7.0% for this Year of the Tiger?! We won’t be sure about that. Anyway, don’t lose heart, folks! Do keep on investing your money in ASB…

Once again, “Happy New Year 2010 and happy investing”, folks!


* The 1.25% (i.e. RM0.0125 or 1.25 Malaysian cents) bonus is excluded from the ROI for ASB investment of less than 10 years of age.

Click here for the average news, including this blog for details on ASB and other investment-related options.


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