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Spent 20 years on stage performance… Phew!

Hi folks!

(Hiii… L.O.L.!!!)

I just found two articles in another blog about the performance of ASB investment for the past 20 years (1990 – 2009).

For an easy reference, I’ve created a table and a graph, as shown below. The average dividend for the past 20 years is about 8.23%; the overall ROI performance (dividend and bonuses), however, is moving downward with time (see the graph below).

It looks fine to me, as long as the performance is maintaining itself “above par”, i.e. above BLR at (or below) 5.55%. Anyway, I’m not an economist by training, so that’s the only information that I could provide lah!

The ASB investment performance for the past 20 years (1990 – 2009). The overall ROI trend is moving downward with time. Could it move upward within two years time? We’ll wait and see, lah... Patience is a virtue, what...?! Click on the graph for other details.


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