Tiyung Dayak – “The Sour Dayak Apple” in Bidayuh Politics

For the Greater Glory of Bidayuh Politics

To all the Bidayuh gals that I … (Wuiyo!) Muah! **

Hi dayungs,

Sorry lah… I’ve tried to put some comments in your blogs, but it seemed that the “comment” links were not working! Wahlau weh… kinda tight security, huh?! Don’t worry, as my PJJa gurl friend is a sporting person, lah!

Once again, to:

  1. A Bidayuh Take;
  2. Itsjustmeclaudia;
  3. NotesbyMarvic; and
  4. Sumukeyes. …

Thanks for being loyal e-friends… :). Sramat Sowa Bauh 2010, yoh!

We’ll meet i.r.l. – God willing lah – in the (near) future…

To Sumukeyes,

Congrats on your wedding, sis! May Almighty God always bless you, your hubby and future family.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen +

Keep on blogging, gals!

Brotherly hugs and kisses,

Tiyung Dayak.


** Kiss on cheek! (It’s OK lah kot…)

a Percintaan Jarak Jaoh (Distance Romancing lah wey… L.O.L.!!!). Anyway, it has nothing to do with PCMPartai Cinta-Mencintai by Dyaksblog! It’s OK and crystal clear, Doc!


January 6, 2010 - Posted by | 03 Miscellaneous

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  1. thanks bro. GBU!

    Comment by Sumuk | January 7, 2010 | Reply

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