Tiyung Dayak – “The Sour Dayak Apple” in Bidayuh Politics

For the Greater Glory of Bidayuh Politics

WE HAVE THE PUP! Yeah, right…!!!

After Christmas 2009 and New Year 2010 celebrations, our Orthodox Christian brethrens are now celebrating their own version of Christmas today. Right here in Malaysia, our Chinese friends are readying themselves for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration, which is to be held in conjunction with Valentine’s Day (Wow!) on February 14, 2010.

Talking about (any kind of) celebration, the most “strenuous” thing to do has have to be with house decoration, right? Am I wrong?! Hmmmph!

Yeah, the ladies in the house, I’m sure, would be the busy bees with the housekeeping and decoration. And one of the distinct decorative features would be the curtains – be it new or reused curtains (from the previous occasion or celebration). Anyway, there’s a term to describe this. If some of you can’t grasp it, it is known as “window dressing”…

Yeah, “window dressing” is the current terminology used by Sarawakian folks (especially among the Bidayuh veterans) to describe the current event that’s happening in Sarawak right now. Anyway, as usual (as to excuse myself), “I have no further comment” on that!

OK³! Right – he deserves that, aye!? How come? Well, if you may folks, kindly refresh your memory via this flashback!

Melancong ke sana sini boleh, asalkan jangan melencong ke sana sini nanti, sudah lah! Some of us knew that this guy used to hook up at “Kera-OK session” (including other dirty habits) in the past…

Not to “backstab” him lah, but this serves as a plain reminder to other future political aspirants! Anyway, we all hope that he would be a very³ good boya boy…

For sure, we’ll be right back to track on his report card. His previous record was marked with a “D”! Aiyah! Click on this link (the Hansard (Penyata Rasmi Parlimen) PDF files), as it might serve on how to do the tracking

Chalo béti, inspéktor sa’ab…


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