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“2012” the movie?! Yeah, it’s a great movie but …

I’m guessing that some of my readers have seen the movie called “2012”. Of course, it’s a great movie, full of actions, prophecies, etc. But, do you buy it?

I don’t! It’s propaganda actually, to instil fear and panic among us. Why am I not panic? To my Christian brothers and sisters, the answer is quite simple: You’ve got to have the faith and believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior and Redeemer. Of course, you and I are sinners in front of God the Almighty!

Anyway, I’m not going to discuss about faith in here – today! Let me tell you another story lah. Two years ago, during a quest, I found these very³ shocking websites (of which I’m not going to reveal its links in here). A week ago, I’ve revisited these sites for further clarification and it still contained the same information. And, to deepen my quest for further information, I’ve found other new websites, which are also informative and contained “parallels”. Period!

Another question:

Do you believe that the January 12, 2010 earthquake in Haiti is of natural occurrence?

To me, it’s the work of human hands… 99.9% guaranteed!

Well, you might be puzzled… “How come it’s the work of human hands”, right?!

In the new websites that I’ve discovered recently, Russia and America are two great nations with multi-skills, technology, etc. Believe it or not, these nations could “trigger” earthquake using a technology known as TESLA Technology!

And what’s the link between “triggered” earthquake and TESLA? Some of you might know already that today’s world is in the hands of the so called “prince of darkness” a.k.a. “Satan”. Some people might joke about that vicious (and ferocious) fallen angel’s name and put it as “S. Atan” or “S.A. Tanlah!

To cut it short, the world today is controlled by these vicious, Masonic Jews, who are Satanists; be it communists, fascists, Nazis, atheists, liberalists, anarchists, democrats, republicans, whatever (if you know what I mean by that!)… And of course, you’d be surprised that Malaysia also has its own Mason(s) – whenever you read that Wikipedia reference on Masonic… It’s not a surprise to me, as this “exclusive club” belongs to wealthy Malaysian businessmen! Anyway, their major organization is known as the secretive Illuminati, disguised under many forms of “minion” organizations. And believe it or not, all past (including current) US Presidents were/are Masons. You might be wondering again, “Then how come they invoked the name of god during their inauguration like “So help me, god!”?

A-ha, that’s tricky! For Christians, please remember that before we end our prayer, we usually put our petitions by saying “I/we ask this/these through Jesus Christ, our Lord (and Savior). Amen+” or “In Jesus’ name I/we pray. Amen+

The name “god” as mentioned above could be referred to as “Satan”. So, I hope that you’ll see the difference!

“Triggered” earthquake(s)…? Yeah, it’s 99.9% guaranteed! For those of you who are still wondering “Why?”, Satan needs human sacrifice – in the form of blood! And now you’ll be thrilled! Do you wonder why there are so many unending human conflicts on abortion, civil wars, (ecological (including weather)) disasters, economic recession (plummeting stocks), rampant shootings (in the US), etc.? Remember SARS and the bird and swine flu? These are not categorized as “natural” epidemics; it were triggered by Illuminati as a mean to control world’s population, and also to be used as human sacrifice to appease their god! Well, it’s up to you to believe it or not…

And please remember that Satan (and his minions a.k.a. demons, genies, etc.) could be transformed into an angel (or angels) of light with lots of deception*. For Catholics, they should’ve known better (since long time ago!) about their weapons of choice

Our Lord Jesus Christ says that “we shouldn’t be troubled, as it is not yet the end; all these are only the beginning (known as “The Great Tribulation a.k.a. The New World Order”); false prophets will appear and mislead many people, etc.

Read Matthew – Chapter 24, my friends!


* Remember the illuminated sign of the cross on coconut leaflets at Kampong Simalatong in Simunjan about two years ago?! That’s the sign of devil’s appearance!

Some of us have seen these photos before…

This is known as the perfect satanic fire sacrifice, executed by Illuminati on September 11, 2001. Click on the photo for other photos! This photo was sourced from a “secret” website...

The hexagram – concentrated on North and South American continents. Haiti and other Caribbean nations are within this hexagram. This photo was sourced from a “secret” website...

Concentration of the devil’s power is within this region with Illuminati as the executioner! The “darkest” activities here include plane crashes, hurricanes, rampant shootings, earthquakes, floods, etc. This photo was sourced from a “secret” website.

An image of the devil’s face was captured by a weather satellite during Hurricane Dean over Jamaica somewhere in 2007. Click on the image to watch this video.

Still not convinced that weather control is not under the grip of Illuminati?

Check out this blog.

Or you can make your own online search on that particular subject…


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