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My foot lah, “Con Fee” by the Con Men!

I was shocked when I found out that Air Asia is currently soliciting “extra” money (illegally?) from its potential passengers!

Now what’s this so called “Convenience Fee”, introduced on November 2, 2009? See (and read) the followings, sourced from Air Asia’s website:

Luckily enough, the image is too blurred to be seen with a naked eye lah... Anyway, if you’re familiar with Air Asia’s website, you’ll notice the blue text (typed in bold) on the left side, coupled with the boxed text. The boxed text reads “Convenience Fee: 5.00 MYR x 2 way x 1 Pax = 10.00 MYR”, regardless of your “to and fro” destinations!

A-ha! The “sound and convincing” reasons to solicit extra payment from potential passengers/customers!

Really?! So, whether it’s a return international or domestic flight, individual passenger still has to pay another RM10.00 extra?

And that’s really questionable! How could others and I suppose to pay for something that we couldn’t and wouldn’t afford to have (during the flight)?

What?!, are the passengers forced to fork out their extra money for the cramped seats inside its A3XX fleet?! You bet, folks!

Anyway, Item #3 really saves the day (minus the convenience fee) – I mean, the direct debit payments to be made via online banking lah!



January 27, 2010 - Posted by | 03 Miscellaneous, 04 Money Talk, 06 Product(s) Promotion, 07 The Greatest Scam

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