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The fun of life-long learning…

Phew… what a relief! After the strenuous “trial and error” efforts looking for the right Excel counting command, I finally found it! I then quickly jot down the “EUREKA!!!” notes to my Mat Salleh instructor about my recent discovery! At the end of the notes, I jot down “And now I can go home and cook my favourite dish – the mackerel soup… :D”

By the way, I learnt a new “acronym of the day” this morning, i.e.LNG”. My colleague is going to resign from his job after the coming Gawai. I asked him on what’s he going to do next. He told me that he’s going to work in an “LNG plant”. Before I could think of the big bucks that he would make, he then quickly replied, “Laki Nangkal Getah, wai!; diatu, ulih gak rega RM7.80 skilo…


That’s life, folks!


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$O$ in the making…

This afternoon I got a call from a lady named “Jessica” and told me that she’s calling from Maybank (the X branch, lah!). She asked me whether I’ve top-up my credit card, as I still owe a certain amount of money to the bank. Goodness me!, and I told her that I never had – even a single credit card! She asked me of my whereabout(s); and I told her that I’m currently in KL (Kebun Lada). She asked me to wait, as she would like me to talk to her “superior”. Without waiting any longer, I had ended the call immediately. My thought was that, this lady and her “superior” were scheming with some guys working at telecom firms; that’s how they got my contact information!

This “Lady Jessica”, however, didn’t bother to call me – until now… Kuuurrr smangat!!! So, to the guys out there, never get down on your knees whenever you heard to “unidentified”, sweet-talking lady(ies) at the end of the line! Otherwise, you’ll be trapped in a scheme scam like what I had experienced recently!

Same thing is (still) happening whenever some private institutions are sending out brochures to some school leavers and made special offers about this and that; free gifts (e.g. laptops), “easy to arrange” study loans, etc. The other culprits?! Yup, none other than the guys who are working in education offices nation wide; as these guys knew the school leavers’ names and mailing addresses…

Last week, my cousin has lamented to me, as he is another fallen victim of another Skim Cepat Kaya. He told me that he had lost his hard earned money about RM7K to one of his “best friends”, who had persuaded him to join in a scheme scam… Indeed, he has advised me not to fall on any scam (of which I knew already!). He gave me another scam example – the collective farming scheme(s) – which are now widely available – locally! A word of caution: if someone persuades you to join in any “short rotation” farming scheme like serai (lemon grass), jatropha curcas , gaharu or any other agricultural-related produce and did ask for an investment (money) deposit, you should have known better, lah!

It’s better for ourselves to do the farming, instead!


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Health Food Supplement Info Sharing…

Hi folks!

Just to share with you the following documents, which are recommended to be read – especially by those who have health problem(s).

Click on the image above for details...

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(Complicated) matter(s) in one’s life…

I was shocked when I found out that Malaysia’s Base Lending Rate (BLR) has been increased from 5.55% to 5.80%!

It means that we are having another worst inflation… duh!

Got to go now; I’ve some “unusual” business to do, folks!

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