Tiyung Dayak – “The Sour Dayak Apple” in Bidayuh Politics

For the Greater Glory of Bidayuh Politics

The fun of life-long learning…

Phew… what a relief! After the strenuous “trial and error” efforts looking for the right Excel counting command, I finally found it! I then quickly jot down the “EUREKA!!!” notes to my Mat Salleh instructor about my recent discovery! At the end of the notes, I jot down “And now I can go home and cook my favourite dish – the mackerel soup… :D”

By the way, I learnt a new “acronym of the day” this morning, i.e.LNG”. My colleague is going to resign from his job after the coming Gawai. I asked him on what’s he going to do next. He told me that he’s going to work in an “LNG plant”. Before I could think of the big bucks that he would make, he then quickly replied, “Laki Nangkal Getah, wai!; diatu, ulih gak rega RM7.80 skilo…


That’s life, folks!


April 29, 2010 - Posted by | 03 Miscellaneous, 04 Money Talk, 06 Product(s) Promotion

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