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Gawai 2010 Greetings!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my Dayak and non-Dayak blogger friends,

“A Happy Gawai Dayak 2010”

Do enjoy your holiday ~ eat, drink and be merry during this festive season, lah!

Heartfelt thanks to those who had chosen WHL as their new rep



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We do have it (all!), right here in Malaysia!

During our economic and policy class few weeks ago, our Mat Salleh instructor informed us that the CIA (yes, you read it right, folks!) provides reliable database to the public – for free access! In fact, the World Bank also provides reliable database on world population and gross domestic product (purchasing power parity).

I Googled through the CIA website today searching for world literacy rate. And I was shocked when I read through the data.

>>> Malaysia’s literacy rate is estimated at 88.7%! <<<

Can you believe that?!

Compared to other ASEAN nations, we have topped Laos (68.7%) and Cambodia (73.6%); but we are lagging behind Myanmar/Burma (89.9%), Vietnam (90.3%), Indonesia (90.4%), Singapore (92.5%), Thailand and The Philippines (92.6%) and Brunei (92.7%)!

Well, I don’t want to elaborate more on that, as we already boasted of having world class education and facilities, including the ICT infrastructure (and what’s the point of having intermittent online service???)…

And yes!, I want that you too should be the judge!


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