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“By way of deception, we shall do war!”

Well, some of us already knew about the above quote – literally rephrased from Proverbs 24:6. Yup, it is the former slogan of the world’s infamous organization (read this; including other “relevant” topics such as this, this, this; this, this, this and this)…

I do agree that in politics, we shouldn’t trust anybody! Yup, politics are dirty! Let say, even if you and I are (the future) politicians, we shouldn’t trust our (very own) PAs – be it Personal Assistant(s), Political Advisor(s), para Pekerja Am (general workers), whatever…

My humble question is this: What caused “the recent defection” to occur?

We do not know THE REAL answer; except some wild gossips that are spreading fast like wild fires… Yup, the ye-olde motives are now been resurfaced!

Again, politics are indeed dirty! The above quote says it all, where all sorts of trickery are to be used to fool other people. Anyway, the judgement is yours to decide!

Read the news cutting below, including this, this and this! Yup, there are sorts of “parallelism” (or tendency) in between the lines; so, it’s gonna be very, very interesting, folks!

Borneo Post, The. 2010. STAR supports BN: Dr Patau. September 22, 2010 Edition. Page 5, Column 2.


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Of slander and slender…

For the past few months, we have been “well fed” with slanders by Abraham (and his) Ally of MIGHT, Inc. Well, there’s no need for me to elaborate more. But then, the more they (Abraham (and his) Ally) slander, the more slender are the chances for the ruling folks to keep in pace, lah! And that’s good – at least; sort of having “ambush marketing”, of course!

Sitting over the fence myself, I keep on thinking that Abraham (and his) Ally had committed of what are called “sins of favoritism” and “sins of tongue”, including their “wicked ambitions” that might cause their own “downfall” in the near future!

Well, these are not my own thoughts (nor ideas), but are well written in St. James’ Epistle. My fellow Christian brothers and sisters might be well versed with St. James’ Epistle (or do they?). If they don’t, then come and read James 2:1-13 (Sins of Favoritism), James 3:1-12 (Sins of Tongue), James 4:1-17 (Wicked Ambitions) and James 5:1-6 (The Misfortunes of the Rich); including this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this and this!).

My wild guess is that, Abraham (and his) Ally had already booked their place in here* and here; unless they are going for REPENTANCE (but still they ought to be there next time…)! Well, it’s not my intention to urge Abraham (and his) Ally and other non-Christian readers to convert to Christianity; I only urge them to do well and be kind to others!

Please remember that God the Almighty is so great and just; and all of us – men and women – are subjected to His Mercy – at the end of times!

So, to all my Christian brothers and sisters out there – be on guard on what you’re going to say to others… And be kind and friendly and ready to forgive!


* I would like to quote these words (verbatim):

A symbol is less, not greater than the reality pictured. In other words, if these words are only symbols, then the actual reality is far greater.” [Do put a deep thinking about it – Tiyung Dayak]

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