Tiyung Dayak – “The Sour Dayak Apple” in Bidayuh Politics

For the Greater Glory of Bidayuh Politics

“By way of deception, we shall do war!”

Well, some of us already knew about the above quote – literally rephrased from Proverbs 24:6. Yup, it is the former slogan of the world’s infamous organization (read this; including other “relevant” topics such as this, this, this; this, this, this and this)…

I do agree that in politics, we shouldn’t trust anybody! Yup, politics are dirty! Let say, even if you and I are (the future) politicians, we shouldn’t trust our (very own) PAs – be it Personal Assistant(s), Political Advisor(s), para Pekerja Am (general workers), whatever…

My humble question is this: What caused “the recent defection” to occur?

We do not know THE REAL answer; except some wild gossips that are spreading fast like wild fires… Yup, the ye-olde motives are now been resurfaced!

Again, politics are indeed dirty! The above quote says it all, where all sorts of trickery are to be used to fool other people. Anyway, the judgement is yours to decide!

Read the news cutting below, including this, this and this! Yup, there are sorts of “parallelism” (or tendency) in between the lines; so, it’s gonna be very, very interesting, folks!

Borneo Post, The. 2010. STAR supports BN: Dr Patau. September 22, 2010 Edition. Page 5, Column 2.


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  1. Yes, but if you were to read the whole content, there is no need to worry. Why used the word “alleged”? If not to confuse.

    I said, “I never left BN but I was kicked out.” This is a pure statement of the fact that it was BN who kicked me out. I further said that I could not go back because STAR is in BN. If there is an invitation, we will consider. “WE” was what I used not “I”. We means “Party STAR”. Similarly if PR sent us the invitation we will also consider.

    I was asked to support BN. If BN really change for the better and “stop committing political suicides by selling NCR lands, etc” why not? If they only talk why should we?

    This has been my stance since Taib invited me to join him in PBB since 1981. I told him then not to worry whether I join PBB or not for if what he does is good for Sarawak, he does not have to worry about my support. Actually I could not and cannot join PBB ever because I am “not born to sing praises in Choir”.

    Things are not as rosy because it was the 19 CEC members who betrayed SNAP in 1995 by suspending me INDEFINITELY from the Party telling me not to attend any SNAP meeting, etc. But it was BN and SNAP leadership who put me in a Catch 22 situation in 1995 – damned if I do, but also damned if I don’t. When Peter Minos was asked to tell to help BN campaign at one village on a specific date, he never contacted me but claimed he did. It was their BN fixture to fix me. But to me in politics, these do make me a sour grape.

    Why I do what I do to-day? It is my show of gratitude to all Malaysian taxpayers who pay me every month without fail so far. Why should I care about SNAP struggle? It is because it is SNAP that gives me the opportunity to serve and getting the taxpayers. Why should I care about Sarawak? Because I owe Sarawak, my life and my dreams. I need to pay back what I owe.

    Do I owe BN Sarawak anything? NO NO NO because I helped to save it from Kumpulan Maju in 1987! PBB and SUPP would be in the opposition if Tun Rahman were able to pay a SNAP leader cash two million more. Because according to JC Fong, I would have failed in my efforts to bring SNAP back to support BN if only two million was paid in. This is why BN Sarawak still owes me till to-day their life. Should I be a sour grapes and curse them like most former supporters? No also, because I come in to serve. I can also serve as the “left” hand. I can talk without talking. I can move without moving.

    Comment by partistar | September 23, 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks for your clarification. Well, I can say that the above article (on “deception”) is more or less an “allegation”; but then, it’s more on “perception”. That’s why I put on “parallelism”, so that other readers might countercheck yesterday’s news cutting with the three postings found in your blog.

      I’m apolitical, anyway! But then, I would love to do “political commentaries” from time to time – if my time permits!

      Good day, sir!

      Comment by tiyungdayak | September 23, 2010 | Reply

  2. Lets leave him to his heart desire.Let history and the future generation to judge.We are but a dawn dew which shall perish at the appearance of the sun.

    Comment by papayuk | September 23, 2010 | Reply

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