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An expedition to the “down under”…

The following “photo-essay” will show you some of the photos that I took on July 26, 2009 (Sunday) during our joyful boat ride along the Rejang River and its Baleh tributary, i.e. from Sibu to Kapit to Putai in the Upper Baleh.



The not-so-awesome “choreographed” combo photos, which were taken during my second “state visit” to Kapit – another beautiful town by the Rejang River... My first visit was in 1992 and yup!; after more than 18 years, the town has changed a lot!




People who are living along the Rejang River (including Upper Rejang (Balui tributary) and Upper Baleh (Baleh tributary)) depend on express boats as their major transportation mode. Shown here is the real, “day-to-day operations” at Kapit Wharf Terminal. The boats were fully loaded with people and goods and some people are risking their lives by sitting on top of the boats. It happens all the time, anyway! Well, I would say that this situation is similar to India and some African states’ “pitiful” public transportation!




The ye-olde, blue color “express” boat that serve to transport people and goods to and fro Kapit. Was there any life jacket on board?! I’m not sure!




A signage at Kapit Wharf Terminal, showing the travel distance to four “popular destinations” up river... Yup; Putai is the last destination point in the Upper Baleh. By the way, did you see what I saw? Yup; the tagline “Safe, Clean and Natural Rivers”... Well, it’s too good to be true!!!




As shown in this photo, there is no rail guard attached at the edge of the “walkway” of this express boat! So, the applied rule of thumb is “walking at your own risk” lah...




The lucky, Malayan teachers were on their way back to a school. It is assumed that the school is located nearby the longhouse...




I zoomed in my camera and as a result, a blurred photo was produced for your viewing pleasure! The above photo is showing five secondary school teachers were on their way back to SMK. Baleh (Baleh Secondary School), which is located by the riverbank. It’s post-payday actually, so they took the same boat with us – all the way from Sibu. If I’m not mistaken, there’s a ye-olde, small (cargo) ship wreckage at a river bend (half submerged) not far from that school!




The two express boats were berthing at one of the logponds along the Baleh tributary to unload its passengers and “priceless” cargo – mostly machinery spare parts – transported either from Sibu or Kapit.




The unloading of “big and small” passengers, including goods. Some of the passengers are timber workers (including their family members) and some are the kampong folks. The timber logponds are the major transit points in connecting most people who are living in the remote area to Kapit and Sibu.




An innovative but risky way of unloading, “heavy metal” goods using a crane at one of the logponds...




This photo is showing the other bypassing express boat that was fully loaded with people and goods. The two, narrow exit doors (left and right sides) are located in the middle of the boat.




The following photos were taken on August 1, 2009 (Saturday) during our memorable trip down the Baleh tributary, i.e. on our way back to Kapit and Sibu…



This photo was taken during the “ai langkang” (the low water level) season, which is very common in July/August during the drought season (according to reliable sources). The “dried” river bed as shown here was “filled” with rotten, “sinker-type” wood debris. Some of these debris were originated from the logponds (in the form of bucked logs and were discriminately disposed by irresponsible logpond operators into the river). By looking at this photo, I would say that a large quantity of debris might come from the clear felled areas for new oil palm plantations, which are the biggest culprit in contributing rotten wood debris that finally caused a massive logjam on October 7, 2010! Believe it or not, business people and their “minions” seldom care much about the river anymore (particularly in setting up riverbank buffer zones), as long as the money comes in!



These log rafters found it hard to move their logs due to shallow river. Well, they might be part of the illegal logging team in transporting floatable logs along the Baleh tributary to a nearby logpond (or a standby barge)... Yup, right!; these folks does have rights to earn their living from diminishing Sarawak timbers...



During the “ai langkang” season, this part of Baleh tributary isn’t navigable by overcrowded and overloaded express boat(s). The passengers have no choice but to walk down among the rotten wood debris for about 500 m down the river before they could continue with their journey down to Kapit...



I’m not bluffing, folks! This is part of the “material evidence” presented in here! Luckily, I brought my GPS device; tracked the “rotten wood debris” trail and uploaded it into Google Earth. The walking distance was about 524 m (more than half a kilometer)! I’m sure that some readers might be familiar with this area.




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The Rejang River Logjam Revisited

The Japanese scholars are quite interested in the recent logjam at Rejang River. They have come out with a new article, of which I think is worth reading…


Just click on the image below to view that article!


The latest edition of “Kankyō-gaku Kenkyū Nippon-shi”... Click on the image to download the article!


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“The October Black Parade”…

The October Black Parade” was coined by a friend of mine (the front line medical staff at Hospital Nyabau in Bintulu), in referring to the tragedy of capsized express boat at Tatau River. The tragic incident was happened on Monday afternoon (about 2.30pm), October 18, 2010, near the Kelebu Camp Logpond. It is akin to My Chemical Romance’s infamousWelcome to the Black Parade” song; indeed, it was and still is a very sad moment for all Sarawakians…


Once again, the unselfish team of reporters sans frontières at Sarawak Update should be commended for their fast track record in reporting back to the community about this tragic incident (and this is where you can get a glimpse of the story). Anyway, they should “polish” their reporting skills as they tend to err in their reporting! Yup; right! To err is human


You can refer back to the sequence of this tragic incident in the Sarawak Update’s Facebook and blog as follows (as at October 21, 2010):

  1. The Sarawak Update’s breaking news (October 18, 2010; 9.09pm)
  2. The Sarawak Update’s breaking news (October 18, 2010; 9.31pm)
  3. The Sarawak Update’s breaking news (October 18, 2010; 9.58pm)
  4. The Sarawak Update’s breaking news (October 18, 2010; 11.56pm)
  5. 6 death, 17 injured, missing unknown (October 18, 2010)
  6. The Sarawak Update’s news (October 19, 2010; 8.27am)
  7. Gambar-gambar Tragedi Tatau (October 19, 2010)
  8. The Sarawak Update’s news (October 19, 2010; 9.10am)
  9. The Sarawak Update’s news (October 19, 2010; 11.36am)

10.  The Sarawak Update’s news (October 19, 2010; 1.02pm)

11.  Gambar-gambar dan Laporan Tragedi Tatau (October 19, 2010)

12.  The Sarawak Update’s news (October 19, 2010; 2.37pm)

13.  Identiti 4 korban dikenalpasti (October 19, 2010)

14.  Four dead victims identified (October 19, 2010)

15.  The Sarawak Update’s news (October 19, 2010; 4.35pm)

16.  Dua lagi mangsa ditemui mati setakat 4 petang (October 19, 2010)

17.  The Sarawak Update’s news (October 19, 2010; 6.35pm)

18.  6 mayat dijumpai, tujuh masih hilang (October 19, 2010; 7.54pm)

19.  The Sarawak Update’s news (October 19, 2010; 7.57pm)

20.  PKR express sympathy (October 19, 2010; 8.16pm)

21.  The Sarawak Update’s news (October 19, 2010; 9.32pm)

22.  Gambar mangsa bot karam Ulu Tatau (October 19, 2010)

23.  The Sarawak Update’s news (October 20, 2010; 00.16am)

24.  The Sarawak Update’s news (October 20, 2010; 9.01am)

25.  LATEST UPDATE: (Ke)semua mangsa (yang) dilaporkan hilang (telah) dijumpai (October 20, 2010)

26.  Tujuh lagi mayat mangsa dijumpai, 13 disahkan mati setakat ini (October 20, 2010; 9.13am)

27.  The Sarawak Update’s news (October 20, 2010; 11.09am)

28.  The Sarawak Update’s news (October 20, 2010; 11.23am)

29.  The Sarawak Update’s news (October 20, 2010; 11.27am)

30.  The Sarawak Update’s news (October 20, 2010; 12.28pm)

31.  The Sarawak Update’s news (October 20, 2010; 1.49pm)

32.  The Sarawak Update’s news (October 20, 2010; 1.54pm)

33.  The Sarawak Update’s news (October 20, 2010; 1.55pm)

34.  The Sarawak Update’s news (October 20, 2010; 2.15pm)

35.  The Sarawak Update’s news (October 20, 2010; 8.04pm) – a very sad and tragic moment…

36.  Suasana pilu di Rumah Mayat Hospital Bintulu (October 20, 2010)

37.  Tatau Tragedy Death Toll at 13 (October 20, 2010; 9.15pm)

38.  Express Boat Skipper Remanded (October 20, 2010; 9.20pm)

39.  The Sarawak Update’s news (October 21, 2010; 1.17pm)

40.  Polis pantau tempat bot karam (October 21, 2010)


According to various, reliable (news) reports, the incident was happened somewhere near the Kelebu Camp Logpond, i.e. within the sharp bend of the river. Its location was about 24 Km from Tatau Express Boat Wharf. That’s why I put the following ye-olde Google Earth satellite images for your kind reference. Yup; I know that some of you are familiar with the area, so let’s consider this as an “orrung puetay” edition, lah!



The central region of Sarawak, as seen at an eye altitude of 117.07 Km above ground (from the International Space Station (ISS), of course!)...



An aerial view of new Tatau Township, showing its mighty Tatau River and the location of the wharf (2° 51’ 31.52” N; 112° 51’ 9.98” E). The river is about 110 – 147 m wide. Well, this satellite image was taken on August 5, 2002; so you can imagine that Tatau Town have expanded a lot!



An aerial view of Kelebu Camp Logpond (2° 50’ 27.17” N; 113° 00’ 54.74” E) in the upper Tatau River (taken on May 25, 2004), as seen at an eye altitude of 1.02 Km above ground. The accident took place somewhere as indicated in this image, where the ill-fated express boat was capsized after its propeller got entangled with the steel cable attached to a log barge (tongkang). Various (news) reports reported that the incidence happened at a very sharp bend river... The Tatau River as shown in this image is about 80 m – 170 m wide; the river might looks calm, but then, there’s a powerful current flowing underneath!



Thanks to Google Earth! As shown in the image above, the “direct length” (or horizontal distance) measurement from Tatau Wharf to the accident area is about 18.55 Km (with Southeast heading at 102.93°). The “winding” length, however, is measured at 24.35 Km or ± 24 Km!



Is it “Tatau” or “Anap” River?! There’s confusion about the name of that river, actually. The word “Tatau” here refers to an ethnic group, of which the tribe’s population shrank (or extinct?) due to inter-racial marriage! The same thing also happened to the Rejang tribe; what left is only the name for that mighty Rejang River! As shown in the above image, the major tributary is the Anap River. Anyway, I couldn’t verify on this; hopefully someone from the Sarawak River Board (SRB) could enlighten us!


Again, based on reliable oral sources (i.e. from people who used to ply the Tatau River), as usual, the boat skippers there are getting high on “alcohol” (and some pills maybe?!). I’ve seen a skipper and his few assistants drinking cans of beer while on our way plying the mighty Rejang River! Anyway, thank God for the safe, to and fro journey!


There are also talks of the town noting that the “alleged” skipper is actually the express boat owner and operator. The “real, drunk” skipper (hence, “the employee”), however, had fled the scene since he didn’t have a valid license to operate the boat and was scared to be beaten (to …) by the survivors and camp workers nearby! That’s why the “real” skipper’s name is withheld from public knowledge! Pending investigation nor business protection, we never know! And I’m quite sceptical whether the victims will be given fair compensation by the insurance company… Poor souls, indeed!


Lapsed of enforcement?! Well, Tatau is just a small town, so it’s quite hard to see the relevant laws and regulations to be enforced! Proper record of boarding passengers?! Improper! Boarding an express boat is just like boarding a bus to town, where the conductor will only collect fares from the passengers soon after the boat is leaving its berthing place…


So, for those who are using river as mode of transportation, you should take precautionary measures (Yup; you heard that too many times before, lah!). Initiate yourself by having your own life jacket and wear it during the journey. In case of emergency (and panicking), you won’t have the time to look for any life jacket inside the boat! And then, the number of passengers on board could be outnumbered the number of life jackets provided. Yup; life is much more important (and too precious to be wasted!) than the less than RM100.00 life jacket!


By the way, the SAR team, medical staff and other people should also be commended for their efforts in saving lives of those passengers involved in the accident, although 13 of them were perished “innocently”…


May Almighty God have mercy upon their souls and may they rest in peace! Amen+

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“The Strategy” – in the making, of course!

Translation in English:

Apai Dom :

My O’ my… !!! Why do you still wearing the patched undie, pal?


Did the government not announcing abolishment of import duty on garments, including undies? The cheap China-made undies are now available, what… You just look for it at Everwin (Super Store); you buy a box, (and) the towkey will give away three pieces for free…


Change We Must!” – as they say!


Recently the Federal Government has tabled – on what they (the law makers) affectionately called as “People’s Friendly 2011 Budget” in Parliament…

The above caricature was inspired from Malaysia Kini’s (the Malay version) news. You can read the news here and here!

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“Lest we forget”; it was on October 7, 2010…

My Kapitan friend (from Kapit) called me that day (around 4.30 pm) and informed me about the log-jammed along the Mighty Rejang River! In fact, I had no idea about it; but then, he told me that he’s “excited” in seeing some express boats that hardly make it to Kapit (Express Boats) Wharf! In the evening, I called my cousin – also a Kapitan – and she informed me that it had happened!


The only thing that I could think of was to grasp “the bigger picture” – thanks to “fast and furious” service provided by the Sarawak Update’s Facebook (and its blog)!


Well, the following links were obtained from various sources and arranged in a chronological manner!


The Sarawak Update’s Facebook with a caption on its wall, “pix fresh from Kapit. ...” Click on the image for details.


Another Facebook linked into the Sarawak Update’s Facebook – with a unique nickname – “Kami Rakyat Sarawak Mahu Taib Berundur” (We – Sarawakians – want Taib to step down (or “resign”)). Click on the image for details.


The p196sarawak’s Youtube video entitled “Another headache for Taib Mahmud”. Click on the image for details.


Edwin Giri’s Facebook linked into the Sarawak Update’s Facebook with a photo folder entitled “Money wash(ed) out from Kapit”. Click on the image for details.


Another p196sarawak’s Youtube video entitled “Log-jammed river disaster unfolding in Sarawak – Now in Sibu!” Click on the image for details.


The Star with its piece of the story entitled “River disaster hits Sarawak”. Click on the image for details.


The Sarawak Update’s Facebook did mention about the availability of “contingency plan” (if any) – should another MAJOR disaster might happen one day! Click on the image for details.


Another Sarawak Update’s Facebook with a post entitled “Sungai Rejang tercemar tahap gaban” (sourced from BERNAMA). Well, this could be loosely translated as “(The) Rejang River is polluted at “monstrous (or disastrous)” level”... The word “Gaban” is a “polluted” term (“borrowed” from the Japanese “Uchuu Keiji Gavan” (or “Space Sheriff Gavan”) serial movies) that loosely refers to a “monster”... Click on the image for details.


The same “Gaban” story inside the Sarawak Update’s blog! I’m wondering – is Malaysian National News Agency (BERita NAsional MAlaysia) allowed to use “polluted” term (such as the word “Gaban”) in its reporting?! The author (and/or editor) could be sacked (Ooops!), IF (and only IF) there are mounting pressures by the so-called “Malay language hard-core (or die-hard) fans”! Anyway, click on the image for details.


Another “Gaban” story in the Sarawak Update’s Facebook. Click on the image for details.


Another piece of information provided by Ruai Borneo into Sarawak Update’s Facebook! Click on the image for details.


Ruai Borneo’s (loosely translated as “The Borneo Forum”) piece of the story entitled “Pencemaran Sungai Rajang Paling Buruk Dalam Sejarah” (The worse Rajang River pollution in history). Click on the image for details.


The Sarawak Update’s Facebook is currently “finger-pointing” at the “hidden” culprit... Click on the image for details.


The Broken Shield’s blog also doesn’t want to be left behind in reporting the same, MAJOR disaster! Click on the image for details.


Wow! My honest, “(kind of) militia” salute to one of my blogger friends for his unending “sarcasm” remarks on this issue! In fact, his “thank you” notes were quoted by The New York Times’ reporter/blogger! Click on the image for details.


Yup; the news did reach the Western world (as been published in the October 12, 2010 online edition of The New York Times (blog)), where TBSBidayuh’s “thank you” notes were quoted by the reporter/blogger! Click on the image for details.


“Updated” information provided by the Sarawak Update’s Facebook – with the intention to inform all elected representatives in the state – about the arrival of wood debris at Batang Igan (Igan River) in the afternoon of October 13, 2010! I do hope that the Sarawak Update could monitor the debris movement; who knows, it might end up at China’s Hainan shore within the next few months (if the weather permits)! Click on the image for details.


Yup; the news as reported by the Sarawak Update in its Facebook, dated October 13, 2010 (as at 4.46 pm)! Click on the image for details.


The much “disputed”, known as the “AG’s 2008 Report” on Departments/Agencies Activities and Management of Sarawak State Government-linked Companies by the National Audit Department, Malaysia, which was released in late 2009! Click on the image for details – it might takes time (within hours) to download the document due to its massive file size (126 MB)! In fact, it took me about “20-hour something” to download such a “not-so-awesome” report! So, the choice is yours to decide – to download or not to download...


Yup; the “lest we forget” implied in this article means that “we won’t forget” about the environmental disaster happened in Sarawak on October 7, 2010 (Thursday afternoon)! Who knows, the next MAJOR environmental disaster could and would (Ooops!)?! May God forbid! And mind you, folks! We could be using the “surpluses” (read: scrap metals) from (Ooops!)…


Is that not scary?!


Anyway, the “material evidence” is obvious! Nowadays, we can found large tracts of oil palm plantations in every nook and corner of our beloved state; and it is gradually “imitating” Malaya and Sabah! Even our limestone mountains are gradually gone!


Forget about the lustful greenery (or excellent landscape) of our ye-olde tropical rainforest! Our future generation would have to pay in order to experience it in our “squeezed” national parks (the only “Green Lung of Borneo” that is going to be left behind – and it could be under constant threats by the environmental thugs)!


And how about the rich and infamous?! Well, they could afford “polluted air” (read: vacations) from somewhere else; for example, they could breath the “nuked air” in Washington D.C., wherever…


Again, “lest we forget”, as I’d already mentioned it here! Want some more?! Then, the SUHAKAM have it here!


OK, I’m going to be specific – you can download the following SUHAKAM 2007 & 2009 reports!


So?! As a precautionary measure, shall we “imitate” Aki Jus (Ooops!) and Wong Songkok (Ooops!) – in saying that we “ought to wait for the report(s)” from “our (relevant) officers (on the ground)” – whatever, whenever and wherever the environmental disaster might strike?!


And I’m not kidding, folks! Similar jokes are aplenty nowadays!


O’ by the way… On December 08, 1941, President F.D. Roosevelt made his famous “infamy” speech; but in Sarawak – we have none – so far!

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Another “refresher” course (?); I guess!?

Let’s put aside internal politics for a while…


Yup; you and I – really need (guidance on) “ideas, vision and leadership”; am I (not) right…?!


So, for a start, let’s surf to and read the “Armed Forces Journal”!

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(And) what’s the code?! Is it Quaternary?! Or Senary?!

Borneo Post, The. 2010. Baru believes Taib will dissolve DUN on Sunday. October 6, 2010 Edition. Page 4, Column 7.

A-ha! Now we do know that Zoroastrianism do exists in Sarawak; apart from Freemasonry! But then, I do believe in God!


Anyway, I’m still expecting that the next state election will be held sometime in May next year! Just in case (if you tend to forget), the previous one was held on May 20, 2006 (Saturday)!


Or; could it be held on November 11, 2011 (Friday) –> 111111?! Who knows; as Freemasons are also very obsessed with numerology!


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“In the name of …”

We are becoming “care less” nowadays, even though some of us are highly educated! And why is that?, in case that some of you might ask!


Well, are we really concern in taking care of our living environment? Look around; we’ll see heaps (if not, then it should be in tonnage) of rubbish – discarded indiscriminately!


And if you read this, this, this and this, then you’ll know the reason… Yup; it’s more on people’s attitude. The people – like you and I – tend to forget; even though there is lots of propaganda that has been made to help in eradicating this deadly disease! The disease could be curable (if detected and treated early), but then, to date, there’s no vaccine yet!


So, it’s time NOW to “drain the clogged drains”; keep (y)our homes neat and tidy, etc., etc.



Yeah; that’s what needed to be done, lah!



Well, you can assume that the above caricature is propaganda – to instil awareness in fighting the deadly dengue fever (which is for our own good, actually)! And that’s what I did; I normally punch the bottom of empty can(s) using a knife (in “X” format) before I discard it into the rubbish bin…

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The “unthinkable”…?! Think of it – NOW!

There is something that we should learn from the following articles. It reminds us of both good and bad times!

And mind you, folks! This is what slowly happening in Sarawak! We might not expect that one day – yes, one day – that we and our next generations could be living in this “poor” condition! May God forbid!

Well, we shouldn’t say that this is (or was) an act from God; as God provides us very well! The consequences (as some of us have already facing now!) were the results of HUMAN GREED; some human beings (you do know who they are!) will never feel satisfied with what they have and still, they even want some more! Yeah; you and I have learned “those basic terms” in the previous economic class(es), right?!

So, welcome to Nauru, ladies and gentlemen!

The following articles are also worth reading: “Nauru” (a Wikipedia reference); “Norway shows the way on tax” (see subsection “Don’t follow Nauru”) and “Seven reasons you should be happy you don’t live in Nauru.

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