Tiyung Dayak – “The Sour Dayak Apple” in Bidayuh Politics

For the Greater Glory of Bidayuh Politics

It’s tea time, folks!

Tea – of any brand name – is my favorite drink! I just had a mug of low grade OSY (Ong Sam Yong) tea – a Singapore-based “tea dust (?!)” but repacked in Batu Pahat; bearing “Dragon Phoenix Tea Dust (Teh Cap Naga Burung)” trade name with featured illustration of a phoenix and a dragon with its dragon ball (sounds “Masonic”, uh?) and imported into Sarawak by a Sibu-based distributor and finally consumed by myself! And it costs me RM7.00 per can for a 150 gm tea dust!


The taste?! Hmmmph; OK lah!; but then, I think it contains lots of artificial flavoring and coloring! A recycled, ye-olde tea stock, I guess!?


Well, the above was only the foreword; I’m not going to talk about normal tea party, but yes!; I’m going to talk about TEA PARTY in the U.S. politics, lah!


As we all know, the U.S. politics are governed by a dual (or two) party systemRepublicans and Democrats – although there are minor political parties involved. Same thing happened in Malaysia; so there’s no need to elaborate!


Now; back to the Tea Party again! If we read this, this, this, this and this, you and I tend to concur that the real problem lies with the current U.S. economics deterioration!


Read the following quotes:

The sentiment was not hard to find across the country in an election that took place against a backdrop of persistently high unemployment, no sign of real improvement in the economy and politics roiled by division.

I worked hard for 30 years, and all I see is my money being eaten up by somebody who thinks he knows how to spend it better than me!

I blame the banks, and I blame their greedy nature in terms of not opening up their lines on small business.” [Source]


If the Democrats lose two out of three tough races in Indiana they are going to lose the House.” [Source]


Governors were directly in the line of fire in high unemployment states, and many had already been casualties of the worst economic downturn since the 1930s. Unlike the federal government, most states can’t borrow to spend or print money.

That resulted in higher taxes and layoffs across the nation. In the budget year that ended in September, 29 states increased taxes by a total of $24 billion, the largest amount in more than 30 years, according to the bipartisan National Governors Association.

That didn’t lead to an atmosphere conducive to incumbents seeking re-election; or for members of the party that now controls the White House and both houses of Congress.” [Source]


We’ve come to take our government back.”

I will honestly say that I voted for him two years ago,” said Sally McCabe, 56, of Plymouth, Minn., stopping to cast her ballot on her way to work. “And I want my vote back.

In Cleveland, Tim Crews, 42, said he measures Obama’s performance by the number of paying miles he drives in his delivery van. His miles have tripled to $9,000 a month. Crews said of the economy: “It’s moving. I know, because I’m moving it.” He voted accordingly.” [Source]



Well, as you can see, all of the above quotes revolve around economics, i.e. dissatisfaction (or discontent) over economic recession; it became problematic due to so many “high rates” of unemployment, inflation, currency devaluation, etc.! Anyway, I got a limited knowledge in economics, so do sought help here, here, here and here!


Now; back to Sarawak! Do you know that an XXL, canned stewed pork from China nowadays costs RM12.00 per can (or it could cost more in the Ulu)?! Believe it! Anyway, it tastes good for a soupy meal – to be mixed with crushed, young tapioca leaves!


The point is: Never again let that ye-olde, shaman-minded guy to lead us (including this guy); it should be us that have the privilege to carve our own destiny for a better future! Yup; it’s disgusting to know that the ye-olde man played a dirty trick on Ningkan last time!


Yes, we can!” shouted Obama about two years ago… But then, he failed miserably!


And “change we must”, is the current derivative, lah! How far it goes, we’ll never know; until the time is come as a soothsayer already predicts that it would happen somewhere, somehow in July 2011!


So, what do you say, Papayuk?!



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