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Kursus Asas “Pengurusan” Badan…?!

Ooops! Literally speaking, the above title written in Malay can be best translated as “Basic Course in Body Slimming”…




Nay; it’s a joke actually. I’ve teased my female cousin recently, as she’s currently undergoing the compulsory, three months National Service!


But then, since I put the quotation marks on the word “pengurusan”, it may provide other meaning!


In Malay, the word “pengurusan” stands for “management” and it has nothing to do with “slimming down”! It’s just another corrupted word floating in cyber space, so there’s no big deal, lah


For the past few days, I’ve been following these links, of which, I could say that it might makes our friend – Papayuk – to be glued – screening his netbook – for hours!




The quest was all started from here. And then, like a chain of reaction, I hopped on to here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and finally here! So, whenever we hover around any of these links, we could learn something useful actually.


In fact, there are a lot more to be discovered and read, but I’m really fond of its monographs. It teaches us about determination, best management practices (BMP), including preparatory measures to tackle and compete in the “real business world”! Phew…


The question is: Are we ready to embrace the 3rd Generation (3G) skills and knowledge?


Look at Singapore; its multi-racial human asset is valuable! Take for example, the majority of its defense personnel are university graduates (and some of them are Ph.D. holders)! Even its indigenous firm is the largest employer for its “Made in Singaporeengineers and scientists (applied and social sciences); so brain draining is quite minimal. Click here for other details.


But; right here in Sarawak, most of our youngsters have gone to attend the National Service-like survival courses in Malaya for the last decades… Wonder why? Yeah, right! The same old excuse, isn’t it…?!


And now; we have been burdened with an extra of 1% for the revised GST at 6%!


Anyway, no need to grumble, lah!; as Malaysia is truly can!



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