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Ooops!; (the above title) sounds catchy, uh?


Well, it has been a long time since my last posting carrying news cuttings from The Borneo Post. The followings were obtained from thesundaypost printed edition, dated January 30, 2011. The news cuttings are quite interesting to be read actually; so, have fun, folks!


The first cutting is about “the denials” on what has been reported by Sarawak Report (the links can be traced here). And I thought that the next state election is going to be held next March 2011 (?!). Naughty you, Dave!


thesundaypost. 2011. Opposition blasted over personal attacks via Internet. “Home” Section. Page 4, Column 2. January 30, 2011 Edition.


The second cutting is about statements been made by one of the “bootlickers” (or whichever term that might suits that guy best)!


thesundaypost. 2011. ‘Anti-BN blogs out to discredit, spread wild allegations’. “Home” Section. Page 4, Column 3. January 30, 2011 Edition.


The third cutting is about “expression(ism)”; I’m wondering, who’s that “former” Malaysian politician… Is he talking about the “senile” guy? If so, I would like to kick his butt – hard!


Yup; I know… Click here for the details!


thesundaypost. 2011. The writing on the wall? “Thoughts & Opinion” Section. Page 15, Column 1. January 30, 2011 Edition.


The fourth cutting… Wow! I thought that the “sacred cow” issue was just a localized issue! Again, it’s all about “expression(ism)”… Yup, it has been spread to Tunisia (and moving slowly towards Egypt and other countries that still clinging on “tyranny”)!


thesundaypost. 2011. Ben Ali jokes sweep Tunisia after 23 years of silence. “World” Section. Page A5, Column 2. January 30, 2011 Edition.


For the so-called “Anti-BN” bloggers; well, they do have “hearts” and not merely “satiate” with what have been offered on the dinner table! They actually have “multiplied” the dishes and try not to follow (dis)orders!


Is that what you’re up for, Borneo Warrior?! Of course, lah; I read it in the news that day, what… Unfortunately, a friend of mine used that news scrap for wrapping jungle produce… Anyway, we’re lucky enough as we do have the online edition here!


Yup; that’s all for now, folks! Till we meet again, bubye…!!!

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