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The endorsement of “scientific approach”…

We have been taught in school(s) to apply scientific approach in any problem solving. By applying it bit by bit, we would and could – hopefully – gain progressive and relevant results!


Take for example:

To rear “ikan Jabu” in a concrete pond, we do need the “technical know how” on project costing and management; water pH, water level, water hygiene, fish population control, type of fish feed, etc. etc. lah! And the thing also goes the same with rearing “anak manuk Nyarok”…




And the point is? Yeah; it’s all about application of scientific approachobserve, identify and record; so that we would and could get progressive and relevant results! Do watch this video – to augment our knowledge in applying the prescribed scientific approach…


Why don’t we start (applying it) this coming Saturday, folks?


YES, WE (also) CAN, Obama!




The “endorsement” of scientific approach...



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Just for you, Éffa*…


The lovely Éffa…



The masculine (or feminine) Éffa… whatever, lah!



My friends and I would like to dedicate the above photos to the wannabefroggies”; with a message:


Good luck in your new venture and thanks for the sweet talks!


Love and sealed with kisses,

Tiyung Dayak & friends



* Éffa Roji = F.R.O.G.

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