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For the Greater Glory of Bidayuh Politics

“The Asset”…

Getting bored with the hoo-haa news?

Aki Jus isn’t ready yet to step down as he’s still being loved by his supporters (just like the other two senile guys!), though we know that two factions exist within the party! And that would be good news for all!


We are lucky enough as we got alternative and yet interactive, social media like Facebook and weblogs! In late 1990s, we had websites and forums; and now we have weblogs, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook (which is far more popular than other social networking sites).

Well, we have enough lessons to be learnt actually, with the advancement of internetworking revolution – the free flow of real time information.

And that’s the asset – (in) keeping people well informed on anything surrounding them!

Take for example:

Lim Kit Siang (LKS)’s weblog is worth reading (in order) to get the latest updates on Malaysian politics (apart from Sarawak Report, Suara Sarawak and other weblogs).

So; allow me (please!) to link you to LKS’ weblog with special reference to Sarawak politics.

Happy reading to all!


And also; learn on how to master the art >>> here!


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Scouting around…

Yeah; why not!?


Just bring it along whenever you’re going to attend the vote counting at any counting centre!


It’s Baden-Powell Scouts’ Association motto: “Be Prepared”.



Be prepared; bring along your torch light(s) to the vote counting centres...


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Expendable vs. Indispensable…

Yup; it DOES matter!


Some “crazy nuts” always think that their positions are their “birth (or sole) rights”; being in the state of denial(s) and for sure, aren’t willing to give it up! Do they think that they are indispensable?!


Nay!; they are expendable, of course! Their time’s up; for sure, they’ll be called “home” one day, even IF they aren’t willing to and have to resort to “blood transfusion” treatment (using the virgins’ blood?!) – in order to look young and healthy


What?! That’s “blood sacrifice” by the devil’s minions, uh?! Well, it’s pathetic in knowing about this “to die hard for (willingness)” attitude… Phew!


Feelin’ obscure?! Then read this, this, this and this!


Don’t they feel tired, anxiety, etc.? It’s time for them to retire (indeed!) and enjoy their “fruits of labor” – be it good or bad!


Let’s read some of these awfulcroc-like shedding tears” stories in here and here!


Well, the summary is can be best described by the following Biblical verses:

1. “Renouncing sin pleases the Lord, and shunning injustice is a sacrifice of atonement.” – Sirach 35: 3

2. “Give to the Most High as He has given to you; give generously to the Lord according to what you have; the Lord will repay, He will reward you sevenfold.” – Sirach 35: 9 – 10

3. “If you attempt to bribe Him with gifts, He will not accept them; do not rely on offerings from dishonest gain. The Lord is judge and shows no partiality.” – Sirach 35: 11

4. “Do pay attention: Many who now are first will be last, and the last, first.” – Mark 10: 31

5. “As you know, the so-called rulers of the nations act as tyrants and their great ones oppress them.” – Mark 10: 42


Last but not least, just in case if you’ve forgotten the basics, read it here and here!

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The interlinks…

Why it keeps on “falling”? What are the reason(s) behind it?


And what’s this so-called “Domino Theory”?


Well, I can’t find the right answer, because it has something to do with economics!


Read this to find it out! Part of the details, however, can be read here.


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Wanna sparring?! Let’s go to the ring!

Yup; the liars’ days are numbered!


Read it here.


Kurangkan KONTROL BESI; téngkatkan PRODAKTIVITI!



Author’s notes:

Kurangkan KONTROL BESI; téngkatkan PRODAKTIVITI” can be loosely translated as our “silent acts” in axing out those lame duck representatives!


It’s indeed POINTLESS to keep these ducks at bay as they DID NOT ACT (in the first place); except that some of them have been “smeared” with controversies!


And we are getting fewer opportunities nowadays (where are they, actually?); in return, we are “really grateful” to them for having more burdens day by day (again, where have all they gone? To Sentosa Island?!)


Am I talking nonsense?! Judge it for yourself!


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The boomed-bastic bastion…

Ooops!; (the above title) sounds catchy, uh?


Well, it has been a long time since my last posting carrying news cuttings from The Borneo Post. The followings were obtained from thesundaypost printed edition, dated January 30, 2011. The news cuttings are quite interesting to be read actually; so, have fun, folks!


The first cutting is about “the denials” on what has been reported by Sarawak Report (the links can be traced here). And I thought that the next state election is going to be held next March 2011 (?!). Naughty you, Dave!


thesundaypost. 2011. Opposition blasted over personal attacks via Internet. “Home” Section. Page 4, Column 2. January 30, 2011 Edition.


The second cutting is about statements been made by one of the “bootlickers” (or whichever term that might suits that guy best)!


thesundaypost. 2011. ‘Anti-BN blogs out to discredit, spread wild allegations’. “Home” Section. Page 4, Column 3. January 30, 2011 Edition.


The third cutting is about “expression(ism)”; I’m wondering, who’s that “former” Malaysian politician… Is he talking about the “senile” guy? If so, I would like to kick his butt – hard!


Yup; I know… Click here for the details!


thesundaypost. 2011. The writing on the wall? “Thoughts & Opinion” Section. Page 15, Column 1. January 30, 2011 Edition.


The fourth cutting… Wow! I thought that the “sacred cow” issue was just a localized issue! Again, it’s all about “expression(ism)”… Yup, it has been spread to Tunisia (and moving slowly towards Egypt and other countries that still clinging on “tyranny”)!


thesundaypost. 2011. Ben Ali jokes sweep Tunisia after 23 years of silence. “World” Section. Page A5, Column 2. January 30, 2011 Edition.


For the so-called “Anti-BN” bloggers; well, they do have “hearts” and not merely “satiate” with what have been offered on the dinner table! They actually have “multiplied” the dishes and try not to follow (dis)orders!


Is that what you’re up for, Borneo Warrior?! Of course, lah; I read it in the news that day, what… Unfortunately, a friend of mine used that news scrap for wrapping jungle produce… Anyway, we’re lucky enough as we do have the online edition here!


Yup; that’s all for now, folks! Till we meet again, bubye…!!!

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Kursus Asas “Pengurusan” Badan…?!

Ooops! Literally speaking, the above title written in Malay can be best translated as “Basic Course in Body Slimming”…




Nay; it’s a joke actually. I’ve teased my female cousin recently, as she’s currently undergoing the compulsory, three months National Service!


But then, since I put the quotation marks on the word “pengurusan”, it may provide other meaning!


In Malay, the word “pengurusan” stands for “management” and it has nothing to do with “slimming down”! It’s just another corrupted word floating in cyber space, so there’s no big deal, lah


For the past few days, I’ve been following these links, of which, I could say that it might makes our friend – Papayuk – to be glued – screening his netbook – for hours!




The quest was all started from here. And then, like a chain of reaction, I hopped on to here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and finally here! So, whenever we hover around any of these links, we could learn something useful actually.


In fact, there are a lot more to be discovered and read, but I’m really fond of its monographs. It teaches us about determination, best management practices (BMP), including preparatory measures to tackle and compete in the “real business world”! Phew…


The question is: Are we ready to embrace the 3rd Generation (3G) skills and knowledge?


Look at Singapore; its multi-racial human asset is valuable! Take for example, the majority of its defense personnel are university graduates (and some of them are Ph.D. holders)! Even its indigenous firm is the largest employer for its “Made in Singaporeengineers and scientists (applied and social sciences); so brain draining is quite minimal. Click here for other details.


But; right here in Sarawak, most of our youngsters have gone to attend the National Service-like survival courses in Malaya for the last decades… Wonder why? Yeah, right! The same old excuse, isn’t it…?!


And now; we have been burdened with an extra of 1% for the revised GST at 6%!


Anyway, no need to grumble, lah!; as Malaysia is truly can!


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2010 in Review

The stats helper monkeys at WordPress.com mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Wow.

Crunchy numbers

Featured image

A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. This blog was viewed about 10,000 times in 2010. That’s about 24 full 747s.

In 2010, there were 38 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 190 posts. There were 140 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 39mb. That’s about 3 pictures per week.

The busiest day of the year was September 4th with 386 views. The most popular post that day was Who’s (Who is) who on the “Dayaks’ Deck of Cards”….

Where did they come from?

The top referring sites in 2010 were facebook.com, sarawakheadhunter.blogspot.com, borneo-warrior.blogspot.com, thebrokenshield.blogspot.com, and tbsbidayuh.blogspot.com.

Some visitors came searching, mostly for tiyung dayak, illuminati, anisa chan, nilco syrup, and atr 72-500.

Attractions in 2010

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


Who’s (Who is) who on the “Dayaks’ Deck of Cards”… January 2009


Keluarga Bahagia “59” SINGA RAJAH… January 2009


Been chased by a “killer lady” that rode a Vespa! November 2009


The joyful, free rides… September 2009
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The “3Rs” – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle… December 2009

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“The Message”…

We had our management meeting recently. Our big boss was quite jovial in the beginning; he had explained both short- and long-term management plans. Suddenly, he has changed his mode; well, you do know what I meant by that!


His “infamous and stern” words – let me paraphrase it:

If you don’t perform, we’ll find a replacement for you!


WOW!!! All of us were in a complete stunt! Well, none of us would like to change job for the time being as steady job is scarce nowadays. We just kept silence and try to imagine on what (kind of) future it will be for all of us…


As the year end is approaching, we need to prove our ability in handling “problems”. In fact, some of us have been working with this big boss between four to nearly twenty years. So, nobody wants to lose his job, including the priceless, two-month, Year 2010 bonuses!


And I keep on telling my fellow “cabin crew” about this:

If you feel that you’re not happy (working), fine; you may go and feel free to find a new employment. Remember to notify your resignation; otherwise, the admin(istration) won’t attend to your plea regarding the payout of your last salary!


Well, it happened all the time – sort of having GIGO, lah


Anyway, the time will come for the endorsement of “loyalty engagement”, “high rating performance”, etc. – just to minimize (or if possible, to eliminate) unwanted GIGO


The famous SAS motto “Who dares wins!” is applied in this fiercest Battle of Survival of the Fittest




Have you guys given some thoughts for the up-coming state election?!

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Whata “double joy” celebration!

Apai Dom and I just read the news from Sarawak Update’s Facebook! Well, it’s not a gossip, lah… as the “material evidence” is there! Hmmmph; nice chick though…

Anyway, congratulations to Aki Jus – for being a father again (?!) – as reported! And, welcome to the club!


Aki Jus (Dr. George Chan Hong Nam) pan udah bebini baru gak...!!! The “breaking news” was featured online on November 9, 2010. Click on the above image for details...

Can you guys imagine – a ye-olde man fondling… ummmph; his new born kid? It’s fine for a grandpa to cuddle his grandkid; but (how about) Aki Jus?!

No wonder that Aki Jus is always been busy lately – travelling abroad! Anyway, the (re)public have the rights to know about his “secretive” business(es)!

People say that the “S.U.P.P.” stands for “Selalu Untung Punya Party”… To me, it stands for “Save the “Ultimate Power” for the President!” Yup; you and I did sense that such “autocratic” rule has been “endorsed” – since the ye-olde days!

And I’m wondering: what caused naughty Johnny joined the brood recently… Oh, boy!; poor little Johnny!

To conclude – as the Malay say, “Ada duit, bléy kawén lagi!” (Just do it! Got money, can remarry (what!?)”.


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